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Empower Hour

Airng Mondays Wednessdays and Fridays at 9 am Empower Hour  with COACH BRANDI

During Empower Hour Coach Brandi will be hosting change facilitators like herself from all over the world and of many modalities. They will be sharing information that will facilitate change in all areas of your life, from creating more loving relationships, abundance and prosperity to more clarity and grounding. You can expect to receive tools and resources that will support you in living a more empowered life in our ever changing world with more peace and ease.

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Show Host…    Brandi Nelson

As a Certified Spiritual Intuitive Coach and Energy Medicine Specialist, Coach Brandi uses various modalities such as Healing Touch, Emotion Code, Theta Reading, Soul Regression work and Access Consciousness to facilitate clearing of emotional and energetic trauma from past and current life experiences. 

Her “Awakening Mind, Body, Spirit” program takes you to the root of what’s blocking you, supports you through the releasing phase and gently guides you into your highest and fullest expression of Self.  

Known for her authentic and compassionate approach, Coach Brandi brings the wisdom, knowledge and skill gained over the past 12 years of her own spiritual journey into each of her sessions; using the tools and techniques that have effectively facilitated her own spiritual growth, her clients begin to experience shifts immediately, thus allowing them to live a more intuitive, empowered and fulfilling life.

You are Infinite Possibility Waiting to Happen, 

Coach Brandi 

“I am not afraid; I was born to do this.”  ~ Joan of Arc

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