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14/9 Astrological Empowerment for 2014

DEBUT SHOW AiRING March 3rd -5th-7th 9 AM PST on Empower Hour with Coach Brandi Nelson.

Our new hosts to PLV RADIO Coach Brandi interviews Nancy Ogren Esoteric Astrologer in her debut show.  They will be discussing the astrological energy of new and full moons, what this means for you and how you can use this understanding to support you in your own healing journey.  Coach Brandi and Nancy will also share what the energy of 2014 is bringing in and what you need to know to be ready for it.

Nancy Miller Ogren

For over thirty years, Nancy Miller Ogren has helped many people nationwide with her intuitive gifts, astrology readings and energy workshops. A past resident of both East and West Coasts, Ms. Ogren currently resides in Colorado and is continually in demand for workshops, bookstore events, and as a radio guest.

For monthly moon-mailings via email, copies of her books or live chat, please contact Ms. Ogren through her website:

or email: or phone 970 226-3381

For new and past shows and more on Coach Brandi go to /empower-hour/





You are Infinite Possibility Waiting to Happen, 

Coach Brandi 


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