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Vibrational Eating

Improving your health starts with improving the way you eat. Know that the more connected you become with your food; how it is grown, how it is cooked and also how it is eaten (slowly, with enjoyment!), the more connected you become with your own health and vitality. Everything in this world has its own unique vibration, and this includes our bodies, and the foods we eat.  The faster our mind and body is vibrating, the more conscious, aware and in sync we are with the world, and with all of those around us.

Through the Vibrational Foods radio show, Val helps guide you in eating real, whole foods; foods that are naturally high in their vibrational frequency, which in turn allow you to raise your vibration.  Learn how to shop for and cook foods as Nature intended us to eat; fresh, whole, natural, and as locally-sourced as possible. Discover what your body needs to thrive and how to find these all important nutrients in great- tasting foods, right in your community.  Become empowered to take charge of your eating and your health. Becoming empowered is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself!

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Val MacDonald

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Val MacDonald, enjoys enhancing the relationship her clients have with their bodies, with their food and with themselves.

Val experienced poor health in her 20’s and 30’s, largely due to eating too much sugar and refined foods, but also due to not understanding her body;  the ways it prefers to move, the importance of its’ relationship with the mind, and the physical and spiritual practices that both body and mind need in order to rejuvenate and restore.

What started as a journey of self discovery for Val, has evolved into a passion for helping others discover their own path to wellness and inner peace.

The Piece of Cake program reflects this passion for helping others with this discovery process.  As a participant, you are guided to respect your body’s boundaries and to respect all that your body does for you; to stop judging your body for the way it looks and to accept and love your body the way it is right now; to learn food myths and truths and eating guidelines that nourish your body for life; to discover how to eat mindfully instead of emotionally and how to balance your blood sugar to prevent food cravings; to find physical and spiritual practices which energize your body and your mind; to recover from illness and reclaim your health, no matter where it is that you are starting; and finally, to access your inner richness and awaken your magnificence, to live your life the way you are meant to live!

Val MacDonald Nutrition & Wellness Solutions offers nutrition and wellness counselling, classes and workshops and the Piece of Cake Program to transform your health with grace and ease.

Val MacDonald
Nutrition and Wellness Solutions
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