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14/33 Ask Sara about “Our Soul is Calling”

Airing August 19th-25th on Ask SARA with Sara Troy

Do you hear your Soul calling? do you know how to listen to it? Is your heart speaking to you and is your spirit ready to fly? Is your mind open and are you living your D.I.V.A?

Dreams, Inspirations, Visions, Aspirations. 



More on Sara and her shows. /ask-sara/ and her inspirational interviews with global guests. positive-living-vibrations/

If you wish to know your D.I.V.A  and Discover how to embrace your dreams, inspirations visions and aspire to your meaningful purpose, please contact Sara Troy at 

More info on Discovering your D.I.V.A  go to /discovering-your-d-i-v-a/


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