P14/43a Evolutionary Soul, Journey to Your Life Purpose

Aired October 28th- on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Doris  Richardson

What is Life Purpose?  Tune in now to know more

Putting your genetic code into practice leads to connecting with your Soul

Soul leads you to  your Life Purpose and your Souls only agenda is to lead you to that Life Purpose


Pay attention to Soul’s gentle nudges…

What’s it like to co-create with Soul? It is100% pure light and compassion

How do we Manifest Life Purpose? By embracing our Male Creative Energy & Female Creative Energy

How Do We Live Our Life Purpose?

Each of us is born with a unique genetic makeup – a combination of natural skills, interests and abilities that no one else possesses. When we put these innate abilities into practice, we begin our journey toward realizing our life purpose. Taking ownership of these abilities also means becoming aware that every choice, experience and relationship serves as a reflection of your attitudes and belief systems about what you feel you deserve in life. Living a purpose driven life enhances all of your relationships, including a greater sense of community both locally and globally.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet…keep looking. Don’t settle.” Steve Jobs

Discovering Your Purpose…Your Source of Abundance

unnamed[3]Since 1990, it has been my joy to support others in making a deeper connection within themselves to uncover their innate talents and natural abilities. “Discovering Your Purpose…Your Source of Abundance” is a two-day workshop that provides each participant with the tools needed to gain clarity about what truly inspires them and how to make more effective choices to create the life they, we were born to live. On this journey, each of us encounters a unique set of life experiences and relationships that serve to prepare us for our special calling in life. For the past 25 years, it has been my true calling to facilitate “Discovering Your Purpose…Your Source of Abundance”.

Since childhood, I’ve been an inquisitive observer of what inspires human behaviour. As with all of us, I experienced the character building challenges of childhood and early adulthood and then slowly expanded into a more universal understanding of myself along with a deep yearning to create a more fulfilling life. Through the powerful mirrors provided by my most meaningful relationships and taking ownership of my inspirations and innate abilities, I embarked on the remarkable journey of living my life with passion and purpose.

Doris Richardson, B.S. Education, taught professional development seminars to university students and professionals across the country for 16 years. In 2006, Doris became Director of the IPAA Education Center, where she created the nation’s first high school engineering, geology, geophysical and leadership programs specifically for the energy industry. This 4-year program afforded a  win/win opportunity for the schools to make math and science more meaningful and relevant for students while providing the energy industry with a more knowledgeable, skilled and well-rounded professional. The programs included cutting-edge curriculum and classroom technology, scholarships, internships, science competitions, monthly guest speakers, field trips and professional mentoring. Doris received numerous education awards and corporate recognition for establishing these exemplary programs in 5 public high schools before her retirement in 2013.


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Doris is offering smaller workshops in your hometown, in your home, church, anywhere just contact her for more information on how you can put an event together and where the host/hostess receives the workshop free of charge.

Evolutionary Soul book.

Please check out this website and my personal website below for the publishing date of my new book, “Evolutionary Soul”. It’s a candid reflection of my spiritual journey to date and is written with gratitude and gentle humour at the extraordinary voyage to living my soul purpose.







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