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14/51 Change Your Mind. Transform Your Life

Airing December 23rd-30th on The Writers Divine Den with Jackie VanCampen and her guest Heather Elliot

Have you ever wondered how our minds really impact our lives? What about those sabotaging limiting beliefs? Join me in this FASCINATING interview with my guest Heather Elliot. Heather works with people to help them completely transform their past through changing the patterns in the mind, thus creating a whole new future in the present. You will want to listen to this interview and experience your own inner transformation.

7 Critical Mindset Strategies for Entrepreneurs to Succeed… Starting Today!

Your mind is the blueprint of everything you do. Everything. Deeply rooted, your success—both personal and business—flows from the fabric of your upbringing and experiences. Within 7 Critical Mindset Strategies, you will discover the power of mindful change and what it brings to you as you create the life you want; the business you desire; and the skills to empower whatever you touch.

You will begin by:

Heather Elliott has studied the mind since the early 80s, long before there was much interest in this subject matter. She has been keenly motivated to understand who we are and how life really works and spent much of the 80s in New Age bookstores devouring the information available. Her conclusion: we are powerful beings and we need to learn how to access and use that power wisely.

Heather has done many things throughout her career, including high school teacher, organizational trainer, facilitating group processes, and mediation. She enjoys all of these things but discovered her true passion when she learned a methodology that enabled her to transform limiting thoughts, beliefs, mindsets and emotional patterns in her clients.

Mindful Change, her business, allows her to use everything that she has learned about the mind, its power as a creator of our lives and the truth about focus and how it will empower whatever it touches. Since 2005, she has helped hundreds of individuals to make powerful, permanent shifts in their lives by changing the conscious and unconscious beliefs they carry that maintain their experience of the world.


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