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P15/05b Be A Well Loved Woman

 Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Susan C. Boone. Aired from February 3rd/15 on

You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are deserving.

Yes we are, and as this is the month of LOVE it is time we learn to truly love ourselves. Susan grew up never feeling loved until she realized that love had to be of self before anyone else. 

Well Loved Woman is founded by Susan Boone who was once herself an under-loved woman. Through intense self-work and education, she found her voice and shed all that was not truly her. She embraced her authentic self and became a self-expressed and a Well Loved Woman

Susan Boone created Well Loved Woman before had a successful career in corporate banking and earned an MBA. After 20 years she returned to college to become a licensed professional counselor. Susan owned her own private practice for eight years. She had women groups, did video parent training, workshops, and she worked with women to heal mother/daughter issues/wounds.

Susan Boone is an empowering, inspiring guide who loves to help women thrive and be their best selves. She is a woman of action. She uses her ability to laser focus to get to the heart of the matter and she gently but firmly guides her clients to do the same.

I stand for a woman who has had professional success in her life and is yearning for something deeper and more fulfilling. In her personal life, she doesn’t allow herself to love herself first. Self-care is a huge part of self-love and she needs time to replenish. I take her through a transformational process, which gives her clarity that streamlines her world.  Doing so ensures that she can share her beautiful gifts and talents with the world.


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