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P15/09b Ant Farm: A Novel About What’s Bugging Society.

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy interviews Stephan Arron Grey from March 3rd o

Stephen Aaron Grey, is a leading Libertarian spokesman, freedom activist, and author of Ant Farm: A Novel About What’s Bugging Society. Are we just being sheeple? does freedom really exist? and can we escape government ruling and come together as a collaborative society that works? 

Stephen Aaron Grey is passionate about liberty. Having traveled the globe as an internationally acclaimed DJ (under the stage name ‘Freaky Flow’), he has come to recognize that freedom works, and control does not. A tribute to a George Orwell classic, and simultaneously a nod to those who pursue liberty across the globe, Grey’s Ant Farm expresses these ideas in a creative narrative that anyone can easily understand. With an academic history focused on world religions, to boot, Grey possesses an added cultural sensitivity, which contributes to the universal impact of the philosophies that he holds so dear. It’s no wonder that many are already calling Ant Farm a new classic.

Great Midwest Book Festival Honorable Mention Best Fiction

Ruled by the evil White cockroaches, on an oppressive plantation, Anton Indigo, Antrea Violet, and a thousand other ants escape to seek freedom on Ant Farm. When they arrive, although their lives are not utopian, the tiny insects find themselves with much more freedom and prosperity than ever before. Can the ants maintain this positive new lifestyle? Or will some of the more power-hungry bugs prevail, and deteriorate the new society into the same nightmare from which they escaped in the first place? A tribute to a George Orwell classic, and simultaneously a nod to those who pursue liberty across the globe, Stephen Aaron Grey’s Ant Farm addresses issues like the current global economic crisis, gun control, drug prohibition, measures towards national security and a host of others in its own unique way that is sure to attract attention as a new classic.


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