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PVR 15/28 Positive Friggin Conversations on Life

Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests Belinda Farrell and Jeff Cannon aired July 14th-2015.

This is an opportunity for us to talk about simplifying and removing all those things that do not bring you joy. It is a process we all need to go through from time to time, removing the clutter in our lives, both in terms of “things” we attach ourselves to, as well as with people, work and even ideologies. I am delighted to have both Belinda and Jeff back again discussing in how we all can embrace our own Positive Friggin Conversations within us. 

Belinda Farrell is a courageous woman sharing personal woes so that others may find strength in their own journey. She lights the path of hope, brightens the realm of despair and embraces the act of survival. Cal-Berkeley graduate, MomSnow White” almost CIA agent, stunt car driver, actor, writer, hot coal walker, Huna teacher, wild dolphin swim guide, she’s a New Millennia Renaissance woman offering good health and holistic healing.

Her new book Find Your Friggin’Joy is not for the faint of heart, but a manual for those brave enough to confront their demons, face their feelings, and exalt their potential”. This book takes you on a journey using Ancient Hawaiian Teachings that invite the reader to take personal responsibility to unplug from the old non-productive stories and step into the frequencies of your Higher Self. Connecting with these frequencies can heal your physical body, bring you back into balance, lighten your load, and fulfill your soul’s purpose. It’s all up to YOU! When Belinda was forty eight she collapsed with herniated discs and spinal nerve damage. Threatened with paralysis by her medical doctors if she didn’t have surgery, Belinda instead chose to apply the ancient Hawaiian healing practices she had been learning for the past three years which are covered in this book. Her back completely healed including childhood scoliosis. Belinda retired from stunt car driving and, for fifteen years has been sharing these healing practices with others. She offers Reconnective Healing and Huna in Santa Cruz, Ca. and takes clients to Hawaii to teach Huna and swim with wild spinner dolphins. The dolphins help us to dissolve fear with an open heart expanding our reality through their vibrational tones so that we experience our deepest joy.

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Jeff Cannon.

The Conversation is less a book than it is an experience.  Based on the five lucid dreams of the author and Modern American Monk, Jeff Cannon, The Conversation travels the energy of existence from the physical to the metaphysical and beyond as it takes its reader on a journey that balances God and Evolution, Spirituality and Science, the Human and the Divine.

This is a simple story of awakening through the transference Jeff experienced with his dream-guide on the Greek island of Ithaka and through the simplicity of Love.

The Conversation is the basis for much of Jeff’s teachings.  It weaves Western science and Eastern philosophy into a wonderful tapestry and meditation on Life, Death, Love and Transcendence.


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Jeff Cannon is the author of numerous books on meditation, spirituality and wellness. He is a member of NYU Hospital’s Patient Advisory Board and a contributor to Huffington PostMind Body Green and countless other websites and blogs.  He wrote The Simple Truth: Meditation for the Modern World in 2009 after which he founded The Simple Truth Project where he teaches Modern Meditation privately as well as through public workshops.

Jeff has survived 8 brain surgeries that removed more than 22 tumors in as many years.  He has witnessed the evolution of neuroscience through each surgery first hand.  His first operation used a hand-drill in 1992.  His most devastating operation removed six brain tumors in 2009.  His latest surgery lasted 14 hours, after which he could not see, speak or stand.

Through each, Jeff has spent months watching his own brain heal and reboot itself.

He has spent years exploring how meditation can help to overcome the issues he has faced, and continues to amaze doctors and researchers with his ability to heal, to recover and to let go so that he can move beyond and live his life.

He now teaches others how to transform their lives through Modern Meditation – the union of traditional Eastern Meditation Practices and Western Science.  It is a practice that refines traditional meditation techniques to better respond to the realities of the world we all live in, and to create transformational change in their lives.          

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