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15/41 Women Raising Tomorrows

SARA TROY with Sara’s View Of LIFE on air from October 13th

May women of the world walk tall in their womanhood without judgment, assumption, conditions, fear and live in respect of the gift to the world that she is, for where would life be without her birthing humanity and her loving nurturing ways; her strength and courage and her infinite love that seeds and waters us as a whole world.

Women, we grow life within our bellies, we seed growth within our children dreams, we grow support for all those we love and befriend, we believe in the impossible but are sensible is our actions, we come from caring, kindness, and love, for we believe in life in community, in each other, we are women and we are capable of anything and we are in action of building a future that will serve the all of humanity.                                                                                                                     
Do not get in our way MEN instead join us, for we have a mission and that is to water the seeds of possibility’s of loving growth and we are making it happen right now. We are women, we are kindness, we are love.

I am WOMAN, I birth life, love, care, kindness, spirit and inner truth, hear me for you are on my path now and I will show you the way. We can create innovations, wonders of the mind, IGNITE THE HEART AND SOUL AND PROPEL OUR SPIRITS but we can not increase time, so don’t waste it on hurt of yesterdays, be the Woman for the Tomorrows and use the time wisely in the NOW.

We are women whose time has come, love kindness and peace is in our hands, let us hold you and show you what can be, for I am woman I am eternity of love.

Women are changing the world, we are empowering, we are inspiring and we are all caring we are all LOVE, WE ARE INVITING THE MEN TO TRULY SEE US, RISE WITH US, ERASE THE DIVIDE AND DANCE TOGETHER AS ONE BEAUTIFUL FORCE OF ENERGY.

We are the women of your tomorrows, we will heal you, ignite you and guide you forward into love peace, and purpose.

By Sara Troy


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