TSM 15/45 Migrants & Multiculturalism Embracing Our New World

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Ingi Mehus aired from November 1/15 

Ingi self-labels herself as a traveler who is a migrant by legal definition and wants to live in a world where we replace our fear of migration with the same curiosity we have for traveling.


The world is made up of Migrants, each and every country when we choose to embrace their wonderful flavours of life we are the ones who gain. It is time to open our doors and arms and look at Migration (refugees/Asylum seekers) in a different light and embrace their stories for that units and creates a sound community.

IMG_1035Ingi Mehus was born in South Korea, grew up in Norway and Australia, and currently, lives in the Netherlands. She has previously worked with international migration in Australia, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Norway and the Netherlands, from both international organizations like UNHCR and IOM to local NGOs and refugee centres. Her educational background is in Communication and a Master degree specialized in Global Politics of Development and spent the last ten years travelling to more than 50 countries. She was recently rewarded the Prix de l’EYP, the European Youth Press’s award, for the best journalism on media freedom (category video), during the European Youth Media Days 2015 at the European Parliament in Brussels. She hopes to use her personal and professional experience to spark curiosity for migration by using travel-like experiences and creative storytelling as tools.


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Our Pocket Stories  VALUES

  1. We believe that all people in principle have the same values, independent of their cultural, religious, or social background.
  2. We respect cultural diversity and believe Multiculturalism is beneficial to society.
  3. We believe every human being should have an equal right to migrate but is equally responsible to integrate and contribute to society.
  4. We believe that freedom of speech is essential for any society to thrive, though it needs to be exercised with respect.
  5. We believe individuals or groups that are stereotyped and prejudiced lose position, self-esteem, and respect; as their voices are filtered or muted and their identities dehumanized.
  6. Accordingly, we believe it is imperative to objectively assess and respect everyone’s opinion in dialogues about identity and culture.
  7. Finally, we believe that both individuals and society would benefit when the unknown is met with curiosity and inquisitive questions, instead of fear and prejudice.

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