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WH 15-50 The Vegan Holiday Feast with Danielle Bussone pt2

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Join Wise Health with Suma Nathan and Bill Mackie and their special guest Danielle Bussone airied Dec 15 through Dec 21 2015

The holiday season is upon again, don’t wait until the new year to change your diet and start eating healthier. Suma and Bill have invited a very special guest Danielle Bussone who will be sharing with you her passion for the vegan lifestyle and the health benefits of the vegan diet. Danielle is also the author of “Time For Change. Whole foods for whole health”.  This is part 2 of a 2 part series in which Danielle and Suma will be discussing the nutritional benefits of the special Vegan Holiday Feast menu Danielle has put together for you to envoy this holiday season.. As usu, l the shows will provide you with many very interesting insights into understanding your health and what your body is telling you it needs; so you can begin living a healthier, happier and more productive life today.  Oh ya, don’t forget the most important thing to remember is…

Miracles in life don’t just happen. You live life to make them happen!

Special Offer

Download your free copy of The Vegan Holiday Feast specially prepared by Danielle Bussone for our Wise Health listeners

Danielle and Wise Health have created a special Holiday Vegan Feast menu for you to try out this holiday season. To make it easier for you remember, we have created a downloadable book format with everything you need to make the this a healthier happier holiday season for you, your loved ones and your friends. Plus every item on the menu will be discussed in greater detail in part 2 of this mini series. Please feel free to distribute copies of this special mini book to everyone you know.

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About Danielle Bussone

Danielle Bussone is a free-lance writer, certified wellness coach and avid cook. After discovering the healing powers of food, she became fascinated with creating dishes that were not only health-promoting but bursting with flavor. Danielle is a graduate of Cornell University’s certification program in plant-based nutrition, in conjunction with the T.Colin Campbell Foundation.

She and her husband Rich are co-founders of Veggin’ Out And About!, a food and travel blog for plant-based diners. Danielle serves as a restaurant reviewer and writer for Veggin’ Out And About!, as well as editor for contributors from across the globe. She is a former book review columnist and is has been a contributor to various media outlets.

Danielle is currently working on several cookbooks of plant-based cuisines from the US and around the world. She and Rich divide their time between SW Virginia and East Tennessee, where they live with two dogs and two cats, collectively known as their “Beloved Monsters.”

In her spare time she writes fiction and is currently working on a novel based in New Orleans.

Contact Info

You can follow Danielle’s blog and/or contact her with your questions and comments at

Veggin’ Out And About!

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Order your copy of  “Time for Change. Whole Foods for Whole Health” online…

Danielle Bussone’s journey through medical errors and complications devastated her health and nearly claimed her life. In severe chronic pain and disillusioned by the medical industry, Danielle turned to foods to recover her health.

In “Time for Change: Whole Foods For Whole Health!,” Danielle Bussone shows us that becoming vegan is an exciting expedition into a new world of flavors and cultural culinary experiences. Whether you wish to fully embrace a “Whole Foods Plant Based” lifestyle or would just like to add healthy foods to your current diet, Bussone arms the reader with mouthwatering, healthy recipes that will make the inclusion of whole foods easy, delicious and restorative.

To order your copy online click here

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