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It is your choice America but please choose well.

America you are at a cross road, you can choose to work together to make your country whole again or you can choose dictatorship and divide.

As a Canadian watching the political escapades going on in the USA right now, I am very concerned with what I see. One hand such an in sighting of hate and divide and on the other such unison of hope and answers.

It seems to me to make sense when I hear Bernie Sanders who is and speaks to what he stands for, unity, equality, dignity, and respect. He brings to the table a consistent platform of over 50 years of standing up against the giants and standing up for the down trodden, an admirable trait.

Why is it so inconceivable that if everyone has medical and education and encouragement to thrive that it would harm a country? We know those at the top in their ivory towers are so disconnected to the roots and foundation of life are desperately protecting their turf, but every thing must come to an end and this uneven equity has to addressed.

So billionaires, you have had a good run on the backs of the poor and neglected, it is the people’s time now, time to hand in your chips and stand like a man of honour and seed and enable opportunities for others to grow in.  For not to do so will mean the decline of your once great country.

As for the opposition, what a disgrace, a President has always meant to mean a person of dignity and universal awareness, it is mind-blowing that this name whose ego and self importance is more important to himself that the country is, has gained such power. It shows how much discord you have in your country, how much hate vibrating how much racism, how much faith bashing and how much narrow mindedness and white supremacy.

When you have some one making statements that A. he can shoot anyone and his followers will still follow. B. beat all those who oppose me (no free speech there) C. Mexico must build its own wall or he will nuke them. D, bomb the hell out of ISIS and who cares who else it kills. Never mind the black, Mexican, disabled, women bashing he continues to do, you still allow him to continue, I just do not understand it, none of it makes sense he is breaking so many rules yet you do nothing about it.

So America, it is time to choose, a dictator in love with him self, or a man who has dedicated his life for the rights of others to live in dignity equality and a chance at self abundance.

I pray you choose well, for I am your neighbour and we are afraid of the tyranny of Trump and what he will do because no one is willing to stop him.  We embrace the unison and common sense of Bernie, a man who in has consistency shown universal respect for all peoples for all nations for all living beings and is in this for the right reason.

Back in October last year I predicted Justin Tredeau will become our Prime Minister and Bernie Saunders your President, Tredeau won and we are proud to have him, now I pray hard for Bernie to win, for not only does America need him but so do we. trudeau-bernie

By Sara Troy

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