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My home Vancouver BC Canada is Awesome.

My City Vancouver BC Canada

I am coming up to 40 years here in Vancouver, I originally came here from England via South Africa and the US arriving here July 1980. I was only meant to be here a year than of the United States, but I met me now ex-husband 5 months in, now with 3 grown children, 2 senior pets, one divorce, and many adventures I am still here.

When I first arrived I was not sure, I thought it was more advanced than it was, and in many ways, it was a sleepy town. Beautiful stunning yes, but still a bit behind the times. Every roaming clouds. In those days it was easy to walk the whole town, nothing was very busy, but as I did, I discovered wonderful places to eat at, to walk by, and to embrace. It woke up in a big way with our EXPO 86, a most wonderful Fair that invited the world to come and play.


You cannot deny the beauty of the mountains shining down on you, reflecting in the waters around you. You can not deny the vibration of the trees and ever roaming clouds and sun dancing together. Life here in Vancouver is in its nature, it does not matter how tall a building they build or how many, your eye is drawn to those mountains, the forests, the sea and lakes that are always around you no matter where you are, for you can feel the life all around you, moving within you, uplifting you, speaking to you and inviting you in.

If you’re an active person there is much for you, skiing, water skiing, snowboarding, skating, hiking, sailing, biking, walks galore, there are wonderful trails to go on, alone, with the family with dogs, up a mountain, by waters, in the forests, no end of options. We have great outdoor stores to get you fitted out with any and everything you will need. Everywhere is just 15-45 minutes from the city to get to, so choices are abundant.

Robson Square

If you a coffee person we have coffee houses on every corner, we sit outside in all weathers, and we are so friendly loving to meet visitors from afar, and all of them have Wi-Fi and food. I am a coffee person and love going with my dog to a new place having a coffee and meeting the locals, always a treat.

If you love food, look no further, we are such a diverse selection it will blow your mind, from the White Spot Canadian burgers to the best West Coast Seafood to Japanese’s, Chinese, Korean, fusion styles, English, Vegan, Vegetarian, Steakhouses, Ethnic, Italian, Spanish, Vietnam, Mexican, Ethiopian, Indian, Irish, Scottish, Soul food, and so many more, whatever your palette desires, even great street food.

Outdoor music festivals 

As for entertainment, there is always theatre going on, big and small, dinner theatre, dancing, comedy clubs, night clubs galore, poetry hour, meetups, art club, Art centers, museums, Science World, sports arenas and live international entertainers, and again so much more, for you the single, the couples, the families. Whatever you feel like doing active or viewing we have it for you.

Walks around Stanley park one of the biggest inner-city parks in the world is wonderful. One side you have the forest, the other the sea with the mountains close by. You can walk it cycle it, go through it, eat at many restaurants within it and bring your camera for there is so much to see. We have many bike rental shops just off Georgia and Davie.

Granville Island market and an aqua bus connecting you to the city.

Then there is Granville Island filled with a wonderful market of fresh foods to awaken your taste buds and food stalls to fill your belly. In the summer there is always entertainment going on so grab an ice cream take a seat and enjoy the fun. Don’t want stall food then try the many restaurants on the island while enjoying the views.

It is also cool to walk the whole island and see the shops many filled with Canadian Indian Art, and artistic clothes to take home with you. Do take a look at all the other wonderful artists there, so many with unique skills and artistry, they are all over the Island. This is where Emily Carr art institute is and the Arts Umbrella and don’t forget to check out Granville Island AiL brewery.

Now don’t forget the children, there is a whole building dedicated to the kids filled with fun things to do and play at, also a water park just nearby.    (kidsmarket.)

If you just go the other side left just before the bridge into Granville island you will find the best fish and chips hut called Go Fish, fresh fish daily and so good, but always busy so allow for time, one can just sit having a drink looking at the city and all the yachts while waiting for your good food.

Robson Street 

Shopping might be your thing, well, put on your walking shoes for we have so many great shops to empty your wallet in, check out Roots our Canadian store filled with great bags and activewear (cnr of Burrard and Robson) Robson is our Rodeo drive, high-end stores, souvenir shops, restaurants, ice cream and coffee bars and Bars everywhere. Granville Street is the main hub for many stores both on the street and in the mall, again filled with restaurants, nightclubs, theatres, movie houses, and so much more. It is a different type of street more everyday life happening there.

Gas Town

Take a walk down to Gas Town, you will find different more artsy shops here and again some very good upper restaurants. The famous Gas clock is here and the streets are a delight to walk down with the mountains peeking through. Coffee, alcohol, food, shops, entertainment, or just simply sightseeing, it is all here.

China Town Dim Sum

Go up a bit further and you’re in China Town, filled with Chinese foods shops with all the delights of China. Herbal Medicines, Herbal doctors, an ingredient for all that ails you. Foods that are visual and extraordinary and Dim-sum delights, so many good restaurants for just noodles congee (a rice soup) or crab and lobster dining, it is all here.

Don’t forget to check out the Chinese gardens where a lot of TV and movie shows have been filmed in.

Burnaby Inlet 

You want to get out of the city and go for a drive? Well, which way, for whichever will take you somewhere beautiful. Go East along with Hastings and you will see everyday life from our street people to our Italian neighborhood to the inlet flanked by mountains. This route can take you to SFU University up Burnaby mountain, or along the waters into Port Moody where you can walk along the waters or go further around all the way to Bunsen Lake and hike around that and have a great swim.

White Rock

You can go South to White Rock on the border of the US, with its open sky’s and seas walks and foods, it is a delight to go and welcome such open skies. Go North of Vancouver and you can go skiing up Grouse Mountain, visit the bears and elk, see the amazing city views and also cross country skiing on Mount Seamore or Cypress, or drive further 90-120 minutes to Whistler. You can ski, dine, be entertained, walks, have fun and party for everyone, summer or winter.

Whistler Mountain Village

So many people come here on the way somewhere else, and say why did I not stay longer in Vancouver? If you want to enjoy here then give it time, for there are so many options, so much to do, so many places to go to, so many things to see, so time is what you need.

From intellect to an athlete, to artist to music, to theatergoer to food-est, to the simple enjoyment of life, we have it all here for you. Yes, we get a lot of rain at times, but we are not cold, and we would not have this beauty without the rain, so grab an umbrella if need, and get out there and explore, you will find us welcoming and friendly, for we are a diverse culture of so many international nations, we do not judge people by their skin but by their embracement of life, and we embrace our wonderful differences, look at me, a Brit who married a Chinese man who has the most beautiful wonderful children.

So come and see us, I know you will fall in love, we are fabulous people who live in a divine place and we love living life.

Stanley Park Wall 

Humble Roots Cafe & Deli

“We are inspired by homegrown, handcrafted and seasonal fare”

13179 224th street, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada, British Columbia


(604) 476-0405

By Sara Troy

Owner-Operator-Host of

I now live in Victoria on Vancouver Island, a truly beautiful city, a blog to come on this soon.

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