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Your tomorrows should not be bought but chosen honestly by the people.

If you’re watching the news and following the political hysteria it is easy not to just get mad but also disheartened. Does honesty stand a chance up against deceit and corruption?

You sent in the clown but forgot to give him boundaries so he played with fire and burnt a lot of bridges and all he had to do was open his mouth. Trump is the embodiment of what is wrong in America, the entitlement, disillusionment of what is going on and total disconnect to any respect of who the real builders of America are. A little rude inconsiderate bully who has not yet grown up.

Instead of dismissing him as a clown you fed the fire and now it is burning out or control, but, if you stopped giving him any coverage, stop sensationalizing him, where would he get his glory his fame, is food for his ego?

Now to Hilary, so sad she has had to go the way of establishment, she could not get out if she tried, she is in way too deep for way too long, but now they cheat, oh what a wonderful message you send to the world, if you are connected privileged rich person you will do anything to get your way even cheating and that’s meant to be OK, Is it? Is this what you stand for? Look what happened last time you got cheated……….


Ted Cruz, who just seems to be in a bitch fight with Trump, who stages himself well, and seems to want to take women and America back to the 50’s. and of cause his sex scandal, he talks the talk but walks a different walk. Looks like he may be out soon anyway, so it’s Trump verse who Hilary? no, if the people have a say, but we know already trickery is in play.

So now Bernie, my candidate for sure, I am Canadian but as your neighbor very much concerned who gets in as it will have repercussion on us, like Trump’s wall dividing us. Bernie has gained momentum one talk at a time, he is speaking to the hope, the solutions, the invitation with collaboration to make America great again for all.  He has a record that speaks proudly loudly to what he stands for and more importantly WHO HE STANDS FOR.

I do not understand a nation who thinks keeping the rich richer helps them out of poverty. I do not understand how your nation can condone or even endorse such advocacy for violence, racism and segregation for is that not what you have fought hard to achieve, freedom to be who you are no matter your skin colour, race, sex, faith, status, that you live in a country the land of the free, or does that only apply to rich white folks?

Bernie has a very simple and yet common sense plan, tax the ultra rich so you can have free education, free medical, and opportunism to live that America dream that represents your country. Why should the establishments not pay taxes like everyone else? Why should they take your jobs overseas? Why should they get richer while you do all the work? Why do you endorse such inequality?

I know I am going to get the hate mongers here, don’t bother, I am seeing this from the view from the outside in what we in other parts of the world see, a joke, a dangerous joke, and that Republicans in the interest of saving their own positions at the cost and dignity of the own country will stand by any idiot even if it destroys their own country.

You have nothing if you are unable to treat people with respect, dignity, honour and integrity, you are nothing if you put yourself first at the expense of the suffering of others, you are lost if you can only hate others because they are different from you, instead choose to love them because of that difference, it is what had made America so great till now.

Bernie is the only one who will beat Trump come together America for each other. 

America, please take a long hard look in the mirror have a conversation with self, speak to your future when you have to answer to the distress of your country to your children because of your actions today. Do not I beg you go back into the dark ages, do not succumb to hate, fear, ego, supremacy or give your control to those who are manipulating you. I understand politics, as usual, can not happen and that is why you like Trump, he shook up the establishment, but now he has gone too far, walls everwhere, kicking out more than half of your nation due to skin colour, origins, and faith, who will you have left, who will build your buildings, plough your fields, grow your food, you will have to start all over again, and what do you do with those who are of mixed race? Cut them in half?

It is time to take a breath, step away from the hysteria, use your brain but listen to your heart, feel with compassion not unrestricted emotion, time to take ownership of your actions and think further than tomorrow for this is your future at stake, and what you do now will decide unity or division.

A concerned Canadian

Sara Troy

This was Written March 2016, you chose and now the chaos is in play, I still pray that honesty dignity and integrity will rise up and you in as a united America will bring about common sense and stabilization for your people of all races all colours all faiths and all economic status, for you are all Americans first.



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