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TSM16/23 Why Blog Radio is advantageous, with Donald Newson

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and Donald Newson aired June 7th-13th 

Getting interviewed on BBS Radio, free! Tuning in and turning on BBS Radio, life changing! Having your own broadcast on BBS Radio, priceless!

Some will ask why I, your host today Sara Troy with her own radio station would celebrate another radio station, it is because I celebrate liberty and freedom of voice, we all have a story to share and the more we do the more we change lives for the better.

Donald Newson says “I am an entrepreneur and have worked for myself, and with my family, since 17 years of age. I have started several companies, joint ventures, public & private, and helped finance, operate and manage some of those entities until they were successful. I have been an original participant in all ventures I worked on, tending to many of the tasks required for a corporate structure to operate, from inception to its fruition. This involves numerous skills and abilities that are quite diverse and encompassing. These ventures were mostly in areas of new technology, product manufacturing, internet media, natural resource mining and oil drilling.


For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:

Most that read my biography will undoubtedly be knowledgeable and caring individuals that wish to expand their horizons and get the word out, whatever that word may be. Those people should consider appearing as a guest on one or more of our BBS Radio talk shows (we have approx 95 weekly live broadcasters). Visit the link below and answer a couple of questions.”

The information you provide will be automatically be sent to our broadcasters upon your submission. Our distinguished line-up of talk show hosts will then contact you directly.

Donald Newsom
Founder & President

                   It’s simple to do and the rewards are worth it

Facebook: donald.newsom1
Twitter: donaldlnewsom

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