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PVR 16-46 “We Are Tomorrow” collectively working as one: Pablo Stennett

Positive Vibration Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests Pablo Stennett and  Emree Franklin, on air from November 15th

An anthem of hope for a new generation, “We Are Tomorrow” is an effort to send a positive message, to bring awareness and spark discussion about the steps we must take to improve our world. At its core, the message is about being mindful of the challenges and issues that relate to each of us individually, and encouraging positive change while influencing how the next generation perceives the world and their place in it.

We believe that “We Are Tomorrow” will shine a light on the renewed importance of a timeless message: that collectively, working as one.


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The song “We Are Tomorrow” is a vision born of deep passion from the heart of multi-Grammy winning musician Pablo Stennett, who composed and produced the music. The veteran bassist, composer and producer collaborated with his core team to create this new anthem of inspiration.

Driven by an infectious melody, powerful and insightful lyrics and deep, global grooves, “We Are Tomorrow” offers an introduction to the incredible voice and artistry of emerging singer/songwriter Emree Franklin, who is backed by a multi-ethnic chorus of beautiful and talented young children. The song will shine a light on the renewed importance of a timeless message: that we have the courage, strength and wisdom to heal our world and inspire greater love and awareness.


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Pablo Stennett is a multiple Grammy winning musician and composer who was born and raised in Jamaica, and deeply rooted in the church where his father was a pastor. Influenced by a family background full of musicians, he began studying piano at the age of five. He ultimately added bass, upright bass and guitar to his arsenal of instruments. He tours globally with Ziggy Marley and has worked over the years with a multitude of superstar artists, including Willie Nelson, Jimmy Cliff, Chaka Khan, Pink and Raphael Saadiq, to name a few. Pablo is an innovative producer and accomplished writer and musician who has partnered with film studios, theater organizations, media organizations, corporations and digital entertainment clients, including Sony Interactive, whose PlayStation platform is a global leader in video games. Having composed and produced original music across multiple genres, including pop, jazz, classical, reggae and blues, Pablo has a strong sense of design and aesthetics, refined over decades of creation, composition, and artistry. He is also renowned for his work with developing artists and identifying and cultivating talent, and has served as a trusted partner and liaison for high-profile stakeholders in music, entertainment, and commercial fields.––     FaceBOOK:   and

Emree Franklin is a rising 21-year-old singer, songwriter and recording artist whose captivating voice and poignant lyrics speak eloquently to the hopes and dreams of young women. Growing up as the daughter of master falconers in the San Juan Islands north of Seattle, Emree was deeply influenced by the naturalist lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest.

Moving to Nashville in 2013, she began honing her songwriting skills and became prolific in penning songs that range stylistically from acoustic Americana to a soulful blend of Pop. Her writing began transcending genres, as her vocals were featured on house and trans tracks, released on Soundcloud. In addition, one of her tunes was recently selected for a major motion picture.

Emree’s natural signature storytelling talent draws inspiration from her life experiences. Striving to write songs that are heartfelt, authentic and boldly honest, she writes openly about emotions that speak to her generation. She brings that sense of authenticity to the collaboration with Pablo Stennett on “We Are Tomorrow.”


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