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C17-003b The Chrysalis Journey of Cherre-Ann Crawford

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Cherre-Ann Crawford, on air from January 17th

First-time author Cherre Ann Joan Crawford has penned her life’s journey in this short story to bring us The Chrysalis Journey of Cherre-Ann Crawford: An Inspirational Story of Beyond the Seas, in which she takes us from the struggles of her life to one which is more powerful than a sword.

The Jamaican-born author recounts her personal transformation through the trials, triumphs, highs and lows many of us struggle with as she takes us into the chrysalis, a journey that parallels the butterfly’s process of reawakening to a new life – as a new being.

We can learn to “see the light at the end of the tunnel” as the butterfly emerges, moving from isolation to splendour. She shows us how to forgive and grow through the seasons of our lives, shifting our focus from inadequacy and feelings of failure to seeing the beauty that surrounds us

She shares her quest for finding her true purpose and her much-anticipated triumph, and from her own aspirations, she seeks to inspire, encourage and empower others to believe in themselves, to take that leap, to dig deep into themselves, and to find their own emerging butterfly.

This short Ebook is a synopsis of similarities in challenges and triumphs we all face. I hope you will all be edified and motivated to take that step in believing in YOU and birthing the GREATNESS  that is inside ALL of us!


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Cherre-Ann Crawford

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