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TSM 17-07 David Snape, a Passionate Autistic DJ & Blogger.

Thier Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest David Snape. On air from February 14th 

My name is David Snape, 26 years old and I have autism. I want to help other people through via my radio show or helping others getting their content on my blog to gain more followers and support. Not only that but to inspire others by saying that you can inspire to do great things in your life, autism maybe is a part of you but if you get over that important hurdle, the possibilities are endless. I’m currently in the process of writing my own autism story, using my own experiences.

How would I sum myself up as simply as I can? I am just an ordinary 26-year-old man, who loves his gaming, sport, work, friends and family, who wants to try his best every day and doesn’t want to let people down.

I have autism but I feel like everyone else in this world, I don’t talk much bout my condition although it is something that will stay with my throughout my lives.

There are areas which I was more successful at like maths, IT and I do remember stuff but in terms of English or other subjects do tend to struggle, henceforth why I got a learning difficulty.

Throughout my early life as a kid, I struggled to find out who I was, I tend to be aggressive without knowing I actually do that and only eat bread and marmite, even at Christmas.

Education started off a struggle but education was always going to be a slow progress, speech on some areas like ch, for example, wasn’t very good at all.

Finding friends was hard and nobody seems to want to go near me. I felt all along, especially if I was invited to a kids party.

It was only till I went to a special school called the Priory school that I felt very comfortable and was starting to see who I really was. I will always thank the school for what they did to me.


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College was an opportunity to find my own path and become more independent and achieve a grade in A Level Maths was a fantastic achievement as well as a C in GCSE English.

I have worked in a factory, a production operative, in food, in online sales and now as a post worker, a job with a long future in prospect.

Over the time, I feel more confident in my social life, through the help of work, family, and Facebook. Even doing interviews for my radio show is a lot of fun and that has helped me throughout.

I will give up hope, though. Most questions when I was younger asked to me was, are you gay? Are you a virgin? Well now I can say with a big smile on my face, I am not gay or a virgin, so there.

One of the reasons for doing these blogs is because there are certain things that are better said writing down and it makes you feel better to get them off your chest. Now it’s a showcase where people show off their writing talents to the world.

Overs are just for fun and to try and inspire other people. I will keep posting blogs about different things and hopefully make some people notice.

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