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Books are stories and tales of wonderment strength and courage. They show us a world we would like to be in, a world we are in and a world of possibilities. This range of authors has stepped into the writing world to guide us, instruct us, show us a new world, help us on our life’s journey of self-discovery.

Come hear what their books and all about and why they wrote them and in how you to can become an author, for there is a story in you too.

AK23-36. Susy Smith and “Ascendant” novel. - An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Susy Smith, on air from September 5th. What would you do if society crumbled? How would you survive if you had to fend for yourself? Would you be able to live off the land? Susy Smith explores these questions and much more in her gripping “Asylum” book series. … Continue reading AK23-36. Susy Smith and “Ascendant” novel.
AK23-36. Natalie McQueen & Legacy Writing. - Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Natalie McQueen, on air from September 5th Natalie McQueen became a legacy designer after a near death experience that made her completely re-evaluate the legacy she was leaving in this world. Her mission now is to help people craft and preserve the legacy they want to … Continue reading AK23-36. Natalie McQueen & Legacy Writing.
AK23-35. Karen Michaelson, The Maenad’s God - An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Karen Michalson, on air from August 29th Masterful Psychological Thriller Explores Murder,  Art, Mythology, Romance, Spirituality & Rebellion Karen Michalson talks about: The Maenad’s God explores a variety of thorny topics: “Michalson’s prose, as narrated by the loquacious Pete, is by turns wisecracking and obsessive. . .. Even so, Pete’s quest … Continue reading AK23-35. Karen Michaelson, The Maenad’s God
BB23-32. Krystal Hille, Publishing in a Book.  - Building Your Business with Sara Troy and her guest Krystal Hille, onm air from August 15th Do you want to publish your book or be part of an anthology in a book? Krystal specializes in guiding people who work in a higher consciousness to get their words out to the right audience. Krystal Hille is … Continue reading BB23-32. Krystal Hille, Publishing in a Book. 





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