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C20-22 Deb Morgan with Simply Amazing Women.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy, and her Deb Morgan, on air from May 26th

Deb Morgan is a first-time author, advocate, and writer who shares her compelling story of endurance and overcoming. Ms. Morgan, after being a guest on WMAP was chosen as one of several contributing writers for the book titled Simply Amazing Women which releases May 2020It is book two of the best-selling series Simply Amazing by Celebrity WMAP radio host, K. C. Armstrong, a former favorite from the Howard Stern Show. The book is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many fine bookstores online. 

In these times of fear and uncertainty, we look for examples of facing life’s challenges and courageously moving forward. What’s amazing is what we learn about our own strengths and resiliency in the process as Ms. Morgan shares her story as one of the 13 real women featured in this non-fiction book.

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Deb demonstrates a commitment to overcoming, healing, and helping others do the same as a tireless advocate and coming out the other side of addiction, trauma, and much more as a Survivor and Warrior. Her story she shares within a whole chapter is shocking, heartbreaking and one of perseverance. At the tender age of 13 when she took her first alcoholic drink, moving into drug addiction to opioids and other pain killers, to crime, arrested, and found her way into rehab, she began her recovery journey and tireless advocacy. How does a woman overcome? That is what you will read in this first published works of Ms. Morgan. 

Today Ms. Morgan is an advocate fighting for other addicts, alcoholics since maintaining two years into sobriety and being clean. She also advocates and has Fibro challenges. A mother of two grown children, when not advocating or writing, Deb enjoys reading, painting, travel, and spending time with her many grandchildren she adores. Deb will release her first full-length book this late spring. She is married and resides outside Eugene, Oregon.….

New Book Release “Simply Amazing Women” Published by Celebrity K.C. Armstrong and Features Author & Advocate, Deb Morgan, and twelve other women who are overcomers.

Simply Amazing Women by Celebrity K.C. Armstrong features advocate of recovery and twelve other women who have overcome life’s challenges and now help others.

New Author and Recovery Advocate, Deb Morgan is a shining example that recovery from addiction works and is possible. 

In Celebrity Radio Host K.C. Armstrong’s new book, Simply Amazing Women: ‘Become Inspired by Deb Morgan’ and twelve other women who share their stories of overcoming life’s intense challenges and how each woman is using their overcoming wisdom to help others find purpose, healing, and transformation.  
Diane Donovan, a Senior Reviewer at Midwest Book Review, states, “If ever there was a good time to publish an inspirational collection of stories, it’s now.” Simply Amazing Women is about choosing the kinds of responses during adversity that translate to survival and courage. While these mini-biographies were compiled before COVID-19, they highlight the ongoing need for inspiration now as never before and are intended, like those in its predecessor, Simply Amazing Special Author’s Edition, to provide the encouragement to not just go on with life, but make it the best possible.
The examples posed by these women all demonstrate paths to rising above adversity. Readers receive a survey filled with intense battles involving self-healing, transformation, and the kind of self-improvement that leads to helping others both through example and by outward-oriented effort. 
Mr. Armstrongs’ many interviews chose these empowering women he has done to pick those writers and stories, and their paths taken were more than just about rising above adversity. These remarkable women’s lives unfolded through interviews designed to pinpoint the origins of their strengths and perspectives; readers are treated to a moving, inspirational account offering various strategies for overcoming adversity. As a new world replete with fear, death, and division emerges, there is no better time for reading and considering this book’s underlying message about not just survival, but building and rebuilding a better life from the ashes of disaster. Very highly recommended as a torchlight guiding the way to transformation.
Barbara Bamberger Scott of U.S. Review of Books has applauded K.C. Armstrong for shining an encouraging bright spotlight on the women’s unique experiences. He appropriately prefaces each woman’s account of barriers and successes and, when needed, deftly prompts, offering pertinent facts and gently phrased questions. It’s an effective technique, creating a comfort zone of understanding. Interviewees are respected as they recount defining moments and share accumulated wisdom. This is the second book in the Simply Amazing series, with interviews taking place in Armstrong’s internet and F.M. outlet WMAP (World’s Most Amazing People). 
His introduction references the current COVID-19 pandemic, remarking that all the stories in this aggregation involve “a personal pandemic that one has to get through somehow.” International in scope, this volume will doubtless be inspirational for women of any age and provide a lively focus for women’s groups and forums across the globe.
“Simply Amazing Women” goes on sale, Friday, May 1, 2020. The new book will undoubtedly help encourage all who read it and help us to begin moving forward after this Coronavirus has ended. It can also help us start moving forward in living life again!

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