AK21-22 “Death By Chaos” by Renaii West

An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Frenaii West, on air from June 1st

Death By Chaos is a mystery that explores not just secrets, cover-ups, and a murder, but it also examines an era and place when women who were beautiful and intelligent thought they had to be perfect in order to succeed,” asserts West. “These diverse women who may not have been friends in college if they weren’t thrust together as roommates, had to each confront their mid-life crisis moment in order to confront the past and move forward in the present. Readers are likely to recognize pieces of themselves in this story.”  

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About the novel: Tosha, Elizabeth, Dawn, and Miranda were the undisputed goddesses of their Southern California liberal arts college in the 1970s. With distinct talents, beauty, and accomplishments, each goddess appeared destined to be forever traveling on that path called the charmed life. But in a tragic twist of fate, a student is found murdered on campus just before graduation. Suspicion falls in their midst, and one of them goes missing. Destinies are changed forever.

Now fast-forward 20 years, long after the case went cold, secrets are kept and suspicions linger. One of the four women continues to be haunted by the chaos and tragedy of that night – and of what followed. With an upcoming reunion and the arrival of a stranger on a motorcycle bringing even more turmoil to her life, she believes the time is right to finally revisit the past, uncover the secrets, expose the truth, and while she is at it, rekindle the lost passions of her roommates. To do this without drawing the attention of those who wish the case to remain unsolved will require good acting, deception, and maybe a little divine intervention.  About Renaii West:
Renaii West, the author of her debut novel, Death By Chaos, is a playwright and dramatic arts educator. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pacific Lutheran university and a Master of Arts in Communication from the United States International University, she became the dramatic arts instructor in a performing arts junior high magnet program, where she wrote and directed many of her own productions. She was also a professional belly-dancer for 10 years. She wrote and produced a short film, “Eli’s Run,” that was accepted in the Oceanside Film Festival: 

Her passions include Greek mythology, classic films, folk and ballroom dancing, jigsaw puzzles, and of course, mysteries. West has traveled across the world, including to England, Greece, Jordan, Mexico, Israel, Poland, Russia, France, Morocco, Latvia, and Estonia. She resides in San Diego, California. For more information, please consult






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