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AK21-35 Debbie Monteggia Tears of Change: Poems +

An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Debbie Monteggia, on air from August 24th

Debbie Monteggia, author of Tears of Change: Poems, Reflections, and Quotes for a Meaningful Life. Poetry makes for great summer reading, plus it could also help alleviate anxiety and stress, and help us discover our “gifts”—our creative talents—hidden behind our fears. How do our past experiences and honoring all emotions, even the negative ones, help us learn life’s lessons?  

Debbie Monteggia found her calling after her personal struggle with anxiety and trauma. She fought back through her poetry and is here to share her inspiring journey.

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Debbie Monteggia lives in Mesa, AZ with her husband and two dogs. She works in the design industry as an interior designer. She enjoys bicycling, walking and playing pickleball. Debbie is very dedicated to giving back and will allocate a percentage of her book sales to a basic needs charity. 
Debbie also sells individual poems from the book that can be overlaid over a favorite framed picture of a friend or family member. You can view and purchase these poems, and discover more about Debbie below. 



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