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21-37 A Different Kind of Courage

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from September 14th

The courage I had when I was young was in some way mindless, we believed as a young person does, that we can do anything and nothing will hurt us, we learn through life’s lessons that is not always so. I was such a timed person until I went to South Africa at the age of 14 y. Old. I was desperately shy, but loved one on one conversation (still do). When we arrived in S.A, I was frown into the deep end and had to get social very fast, that is when I discovered my courage.

I had in many ways had to fake it before I convinced myself, but in doing so, I discovered a person I never knew was there. I became and still am an extrovert introvert, an Alfa Beta personality. To others I was this exuberant young woman who tried everything, I did not know if I could do it until I tried to do it, which means I could not do it a lot of the time, but I would not know what I could do unless I tried.

I went into jobs like that, always unqualified, but in belief, I could do it, how would I know unless I tried. I realized my strengths and weakness and learned to focus on my strengths. We sell ourselves short, thinking we can’t when we from the inside out, know we can. It is different from when we were young, we were daring, challenging, excited, and sometimes unthinking. Now as we age we understand that our courage has a different purpose and that we can still be daring but in a more soul heartful way.

I have leaped at many things in life, now I am slower to leap, but that does not mean I am not still adventurous, it just means more discerning. Realistically, my body can not do what it used to, and my spirit may be a bit dulled. I have still within me, much to explore and do, but now it is within my energy and infusiasim.

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