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TM22-02 Ann Silvers and Abuse OF Men BY Women.

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Ann Silvers, on air from January 11th

Men can be on the receiving end of an abusive relationship! It could be from an emotionally abusive girlfriend, a physically abusive wife, or a female partner who is demanding, controlling, manipulative or bullying using any of the 7 forms of partner or spousal abuse.

This groundbreaking book shatters the silence surrounding partner abuse where the target of the abuse is a man, and the source of the abuse is a woman. It challenges the common perception that domestic violence and other types of partner abuse only happen to women.

Counselor and relationship coach, Ann Silvers, M.A., questions the cultural trend to ignore, condone, laugh at, or even applaud women treating men in ways that would be rightfully condemned if the genders were reversed.

Her unique perspective as a woman who herself was the target of partner abuse by a man, and who also recognizes that there are abusive women and abused men, has resulted in a book that is a cultural game changer.

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This book stands alone with its gripping personal stories and detailed yet concise descriptions of emotionally abused men as well as every other form of partner abuse of men by their female partners: verbal, psychological/emotional, financial, spiritual, legal, physical, and sexual abuse.

“It Happens, It Hurts” describes what abuse OF men BY women looks like, why women do it, how we are supporting and encouraging women to abuse men, how men get pulled into these dysfunctional relationships, why they stay, the impact abusive or manipulative women have on men, and what can be done about it.

This book arms men with the information they need to avoid getting hooked into relationships with abusive or manipulative women.

It provides refreshing recognition, understanding, and direction for abused men who are struggling to deal with, or recover from, difficult relationships with an abusive wife or girlfriend.

And it helps women examine how they treat their husbands and boyfriends.

“It Happens, It Hurts” is a road map for men and women looking to help their brothers, fathers, sons, and friends who are being abused by women or teach them how to avoid getting pulled in by them. It is a call to action for helping professionals (teachers, counselors, ministers, police officers . . .) and all people who are willing to see what is really going on.

Ann Silvers, MA is a counselor, relationship coach, and author living in Washington State, US. She has been educated in the subject of partner abuse through academic study; personal experience being the target of abuse by a partner; and by talking to and working with many women and men who are abused by, and/or are abusing, their partner. She is concerned about the welfare of both women and men and focuses her work on helping people have healthy relationships with others and with themselves.





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