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IG22-08 Susan Walter is an Intuitive Visionary Artist.

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Susan Walter, on air from February 22nd

Art is my spiritual practice, considering myself to be an Intuitive Visionary Artist creating Sacred Art and Divine Space. Using art and sound as a way to connect with the Divine and with the Universe, with the intention of helping others to recognize the divine within themselves.

How can one truly explain their connection with the Divine and the Universe at large, this is something that can only be felt with a conscious heart.

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Susan is an Intuitive Visionary Artist.  After near-death experiences as a child, Susan was given the ability to see into the Angelic Realms allowing her to see the angels in their pure light form. She uses this ability to draw your Angels Portrait and relay messages and insights from your angels.

Susan is also the Artist/Author of the Solfeggio Mandala Activation Guides & Meditation Decks assisting us to realign with our original blueprint. She also creates healing art with a conscious heart from her visions during meditation. This is her way of connecting with the divine and assisting humanity to do the same and recognize the divine within ourselves and each other.

A discount code of ‘sara10’ for 10% off Angel Portraits for the first 12 people.


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