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Democracy Matters

Welcome to this February 2022 edition of Hackwriters. 23 years on-line, 7848 + articles – reviews – stories – travel – share any feature you like and pass them on. February 27th 2022

Coronavirus UK: 31,933 tested positive – 120 deaths (845 last seven days) – Feb 25th 2022 4.00pm
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So, what did we learn about democracy lately?  The thing we thought we had and Putin demonstrated how it could be erased in just 72 hours in a country of 44 million people. Who’s next on his journey back to the USSR? Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova?  He already took Belarus without a shot being fired. 

Living under the umbrella of NATO might have given you a sense of security up until February 25 2022 but now we know that European nations are too afraid to fight back (with good reason) and so far, hesitant to impose the kind of sanctions that would actually affect Russia’s ability to survive. I can understand it, no political party want to be the one that tells its people that we’re turning off the Russian gas or oil, and yes you are going to be VERY cold and most likely unable to afford to fill up your car, oh and by the way, get ready for inflation at 25 percent.  Hard to get voted back into the office after that because we live in democracies where votes actually matter.

Hell, even before Putin attacked Ukraine our politicians in the UK were already threatening to take away our central heating under the ‘Green Net Zero Agenda’.  Forcing us out of cars. Around eighty percent of our homes will not be compliant with the new energy efficient rules from 2025 and it might cost each individual owner around £20,000+ to try. Landlords wouldn’t be able to let their homes without that investment. We are talking billions and where would we find all the builders and craftsmen to do it since we voted for Brexit. D’oh.

Now add Putin to the mix, impossible gas prices and an endless threat to democracy, you might be wondering about how to protect your family, your jobs, your homes from the threat of nuclear war. Putin has just threatened this. Unlike you, he has his fur-lined nuclear bunker organised and he’s stolen all the Russian wealth already – he thinks he can survive.

We no longer live in the free world.  Democracy was only ever on loan. Just because we didn’t have to think about it much since WW2 ended or perhaps since the Cuban Missile crisis, it turns out that it is a fragile thing, and guess what, America is going to re-elect Putin’s lickspittle buddy Trump in 2024, the date when democracy in the USA ends too.

© Sam North February/March 2022 – Editor

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