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QS22-14 Dr. Doug Lehrer, D.C. Quantum Energetic Medicine

Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Doug Lehrer, on air from April 5th

With 33+ years of experience in quantum energetic medicine and over 500,000 patient sessions that I’ve seen.


But. There is a Problem…

80% of the people are struggling with various levels of health issues.

Discover how to become a Certified Cellular Resonance Technique Practitioner with the Lehrer School of Energy Medicine Mastery.

What is it costing you to not be the best version of yourself, and to not be able to help your friends, family, and community get better in their health, their wealth, their level of happiness, and success FAST? 

Are you ready to stop the guessing game and start using a step-by-step quantum framework that gives you a dependable and consistent way to find the underlying traumatic stress, physical, emotional, and spiritual causes of your patient’s issues?

Learn the secrets to REWIRE the BRAIN, and CLEAR the SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING and CELLULAR MEMORY in MINUTES with Cellular Resonance Technique™

ACTIVATE the innate mind-body-soul healing power of your patients every time while having MORE fun, success, and profits helping more women, men, and children at the deepest levels of their desires, which keeps them coming back for more.

My innovation is an energy healing technique that rewires your subconscious mind instantly to restore your health at a level far exceeding your expectations. You can get a remote consultation anywhere in the world or a hands-on consultation in California.

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Doctor in Chiropractic | Founder of Cellular Resonance Technique™ | Founder of the Lehrer School of Energy Medicine Mastery | Single Dad of two (now adult) boys

When I graduated from chiropractic school in 1985, I was in such a bad health that it was almost impossible to help me heal myself. I had too many health issues to list them here, including herniated lumbar discs and horrible sciatic pain. I consulted all my other doctor colleagues I could to figure out what would put me back on my feet. And one of them planted a seed in me by saying: “Doug, you have a huge mission here on earth. It is to heal yourself and then to help hundreds of thousands of others to heal themselves as well!” I took that as a divine omen and started my quest. 

I created the Cellular Resonance Technique that not only mixes several alternative medicine practices, including neuroscience and quantum sciences, but also adds my own twist on it. Since then, I healed my whole body, mind, and soul connection, and I helped 500,000+ patients to get better in their health, wealth, success, and overall happiness. That is the proof that living bodies heal themselves with the proper alignment with their higher self, their soul purpose, and their deepest desires.

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