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22-18 Springing into Love

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from May 3rd

Spring has sprung and with it a sense of love. New births are arriving, the sun is shining, everything is a growing a new, and a spring has sprung within you. It is time for you to spring into your own self-love.

There is something about Spring that makes us smile, it is that sense of renewal, a start of a new day, coming out from under and allowing nature to embrace us in every way. How can we not be uplifted when we see the trees come into bloom, the grass grows, lawns mowed, the sweet smell of cut grass. When we see the colours of the trees, and flowers as they grow and burst into bloom. When we see puppies explore the backyard, children swinging on the swingset again, and the excitement of picnics, BBQ’s and many outdoor activities happening again.

This is also a time to allow our own hearts to open, to ignite our own spirits, and to let our souls guide us into a place of love and self-love. Let the joy of spring open you up and embrace your own inner joy and love of life, each other for in that joy of life, we become the answers we seek and others need, for our own self-love exudes out and embraces all who can feel it.

Be the sunshine in your own life and let SPRING ignite your soul, heart, and spirit into an action of loving abundance.

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