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Happy Mama’s Day

It is beautiful being a Mother, and truly a gift of life in so many ways. When we hold our child for the very first time, there are no words to describe the love and bond we feel, it is divine in every way. When we see our children grow up and make their own discoveries along the way, it is exciting and a reminder of the inner child within ourselves.

Being a mother is a great responsibility, we are their custodians, their guiders, their nurturers, and disciplinarians, with that comes great responsibility, and we do not always get it right, for we are not all whole when we become that Mother.

We raise our children from a pattern of how we were raised, which is not always good. No blame on our parents, for they are following a pattern too. If we feel something is lacking, or we want to do things differently, then follow your heart, it will guide us well, listen to your soul for it can not lie, and allow ourselves to go in and reach out, for our own children will show us how to go in and be the heart and soul that we are.

Your children will test your limits, they will push every button, and they will test the boundaries of life over and over again. Show them how to always live from the heart consciousness, and to listen to their own instincts as to go over those boundaries or not. When they make mistakes, discipline yes, but never ever leave a child feeling unloved. Love and discipline are 2 separate things, you are addressing the mistake from them to learn from, but it never should have how much you love them or not dangled in their face.

Love is pure, true, and unconditional, and never should be used as a punishment. as to if you love them or not when they do wrong.

My own children are in their 30s now, one with a child of her own; seeing her with her son and the light that exudes from her, is truly an illuminating blessing, and warms my very soul. Seeing his Uncle and Aunt croon over him and how much this little soul lights up their lives is also totally divine.

As a GrandMama, I am so in love with him and can now take the time to see him discover life in a way I could not while raising my own children. and I am enjoying just gobbling him up and seeing him in his own discovery of life.

Children are our future, teach them well and show them the way to live from the heart and listen to their souls, and always have a loving consciousness in everything they do, and they will live a life of beautiful meaningful purpose that serves us all, allow them their own self-discovery to being that awesome human being that they are.


Keep on being Mama, but remember you were a child, a woman before you were a Mama, SO MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT LOSE YOURSELF ON MAMAHOOD BUT FIND A BALANCE THAT ENCOMPASSES THE WHOLE OF YOU.

From one Happy Mama/GrandMa to you all Happy Mama’s Day.


Sara Troy

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