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22-19 Poison or Empathy?

Sara’s View of Life, with Sara Troy, on air from May 10th

I have just finished doing a show on Stalin, Lennen, and Putin and their love of poisons and killing people who offend them. It is very scary to know that there are still people in the world that will kill so easily and also take such pleasure out of it.

People who take such pleasure in killing others because of their existence or who challenge their authority because they feel threatened are people who are empty inside. They have no soul, or heart consciousness and therefore can not take responsibility for their actions and they do not care. When they take such pleasure in killing and the pain and suffering of others, there is a sickness inside of them that is more than just emptiness.

All these dictators are lost souls, little boys trapped in an injured empty vessel and they need power, lots of it to feel important. But, no amount of power will ever feed them enough, for they are forever empty of kindness, caringness, and love. It would be sad, but for the souls that have been tortured by their hands.

Now with Bio-Weapons being threatened of which they are prepared for and we are not, who knows what will happen if we do not stop this man Putin.

We all face pain in our lives, we all have challenges to overcome, that is where we find our strength, courage, skills, and abilities in life, through the process of healing, growing, and discovering how awesome we can be when we feed the right will.

The Devil is within every one of us, if we do not feed him, he has no voice, but when we feed and invite him in, he can take over very fast, leading one down the rabbit hole of hate despair, violence, and death. The only way to beat the devil is to face him, stand tall as a whole, in unison and in force of self-love, inner strength, and higher vibrations of love, for that will shatter him, them, into pieces.

They will never embrace love or consciousness, for there is too much loathing inside of them for themselves. While they blame everyone on the outside, their inside knows it is their choice and they must own it, and that scares them the most. The bully must face a stronger force, a force of unity, empowerment of the community, and in the power of love, but know this, imprisonment won’t kill them, but to take their power of control away from them, is death in itself.

So while we see all the hate pain and suffering we have inflicted upon each other over the centuries, let us look to the power of empowerment, of the higher energy of love, kindness, caring, and compassion, for these, are the weapons that will win, hate only destroys, love creates.

Each and every one of us faces the devil in some way, will you let him win, or rise up to a vibration he can’t reach? it is up to every one of us. Choose wisely.

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