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IG22-21. Renier & Kathryn’s Inward Journey

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guests Renier Jooste & Kathryn Woolf, on air from May 24th

We’ve both taken our journey inward, and what we found is oneness.

We all have a story. The form it takes does not matter. For Renier it was anger. For Kathryn it was not good enough. What matters, is that we remember the truth of who we are.

We practice Self-Love so we can remember to experience this oneness, and in doing so share it with the world.

Love is one.

When we forget, life is hard.

We fight, we force, we project, we fear and we hurt.

We both want our own growth and our own healing more than anything else, and so we teach Self-Love to help us remember.

In our own consistent practice of showing up for ourselves, we remind you of something you already know, but just forgot.

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Paqarina was founded by Renier Jooste and Kathryn Woolf. After each studying an obsessive range of spiritual and personal development modalities, they found A Course in Miracles: a pure non-dualistic teaching of Love.

about us

Our Story

If the journey back to our freedom was easy, everybody would have done it. The road seems surely long, and the distractions around us, very real, leaving us searching in all the wrong places; weary and weak.

Deeply entrenched in the patterns and conditionings of our lives, there are many shackles that keep us bound to chains we don’t even realise we drag behind us.

But there is another way and it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Inspired by a powerful message of Love and healing, the two founded the company as a platform dedicated to teaching another way to live, love and do life. Their mission is to simplify the information age, and help people transcend the intellectual understanding to experience the experience for themselves; undoing the blocks to the awareness of the presence of Love within each of us.

After each travelling a deep journey of personal transformation they combined their 40+ years of experience, to shine a light on the blocks to the awareness of the presence of Love within each of us, together with a formula to outsmart the ego, and accelerate the process.

They practice Self-Love as a way to remember an experience of oneness, and in doing so share it with the world.

Today they help powerful women experience peace and joy through Self-Love in 90-days.

renier jooste

Renier Jooste is a certified Transformational Coach, NLP Master, experienced mediator and anger management specialist. Renier’s study of neuroscience, human behaviour and holistic healing began in 2004 and developed into an unshakable dedication to his own transformation. After experiencing unimaginable changes in his life, Renier made a commitment to help others transcend the struggles of the human condition.
He is known for the integrity and openness with which he works, and having developed a powerful awareness for observation, he is able to facilitate profound personal development.

Kathryn Woolf

A born teacher, Kathryn immersed herself in the world of personal development and spirituality with a passion to be the best possible version of herself and challenge the boundaries and expectations of what the world considers ‘normal’.

Driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact in this world, she has a unique skill of cutting through the BS (belief systems) that shackle us. She has dedicated her life to living and sharing truth, teaching the world how giving and receiving happens at the same time.

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