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RG22-22. Novelette Bowen Ruby’s Foster Village

Raising our gifted children with Sara Troy on the Igniting the hearts of our forgotten children, with her guest Novelette Bowen , MHS. on air from May 31st

What is my story ,why do I wish to share?

I’ m a committed foster mom who’s mission is to help reshaped the educational landscape for youth in foster care one youth at a time for them to become educational empowered and live their dreams because IT’S POSSIBLE!

Why I wish to share their stories its to educate the public and communities about their circumstances because they matter and their stories matters and it’s meant to be told for them to get the help that they need! Only 1 in 5 read at grade level and only 1 in 10 are at grade level in math power is in igniting the massive!

Sharing advance communities awareness! No changes ever happened without awareness and participation this is why it’s important to share their stories to help them gain the skills they need in their transformational journey to better future!!

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Ruby’s Foster Village services benefits at risk foster youth who’re transitioning out of FC aged 14-25 years old the focused of our mission is to help FC youth solidify their educational dreams The educational facts about foster youth are sobering RFV is dedicated to utilize education as a tool to help foster youth change their educational outcomes through educational support services and mentoring as they transition out of the system into adulthood! Because it’s possible!!!

We’re hosting our first 5k walk/run for education all proceeds raised will provide 50 youths with educational tutoring and mentoring ,a pathway to high school graduation or GED ,preparation for college entrance or vocational school and ongoing support to college graduation or vocational certification for the 2022-2023 school year

We’re changing the world one child at time

I am on this journey because of my like experience I chose to be the bridge that connects educational support services and opportunities for at risk youth who were abused and neglected and is transitioning out of the foster care system and emancipated youth who doesn’t have ongoing support! My believe in the power of having a good education is who I am it was instill in me from a young age from my mom who was abused and neglected and was denied the opportunity to get an education but she had the ability to understood the power of what a good education will do and insured that I obtained a good education! Helping at risk youth to obtain a good education and become empowered and live their dreams will be my life long mission because the cost of not having an education is Detrimental it per-long generational cycle of poverty!!!!!!

I am Novelette Bowen A Education Advocate and Emotional Wellness Coach the founder of Ruby’s Enlightened Path, DBA Ruby’s Foster Village a 501c3 approved nonprofit organization for at risk youth who’re transitioning out of foster care and emancipated for foster you aged 14-25 years old!

I’m passionate about inspiring and motivating at risk youth to utilize education as a tool for them to become educationally empowered to create wealth and change their generational cycle because it’s possible!

I’m a proud mother a foster mother to many foster teens I know the daily struggles and challengers of not having a good education to economically sustain yourself!

Working with at risk youths in my program I have seen eye contact that wasn’t there before and smiles they established relationships and connections with others they developed confidence self esteem and self worth return from alternative schools to regular education graduates from high school and earned their GED with honors!



A call to action!

We’re hosting our first annual walk/run 5K fundraiser event all proceeds raised will support Our goal for the 2022 ,2023 upcoming school year to provide educational support services and opportunities for 50 youth youth who’re transitioning out of care and emancipated youth to graduate from HS prepared to pursue college and secondary education programs with ongoing educational services and support until graduation! Please get involved! your pledge or donation will provide tutoring mentoring scholarships for food and housing insecurity no youth in HS or college should have to worry about what they’re going to eat where they’re going to sleep on have to dropped out of school because of insufficient food and housing!

If you’re local please join us June 25,2022 early registration start 7a the race start at 8a! If you’re not local please donate no matter how small your donation impact change!

Free 5K

Swage bags ,

T shirts


breakfast Bar

free BookClub for our teens we meets every Monday from 6p-8p via zoom!

Parent Talk support group we meet every third Tuesday of the month Via zoom 8p-9pm to learn more visit

Malcolm X a former foster child said “ Education is a passport to the future the future belongs to who prepared for it today.

Our services and strategic collaboration help our youth to set and achieved their educational goals advanced their personal development and leadership skills get physical & mental health treatment to break away from poverty homelessness high rate of unemployment Recidivism and sexual trafficking!

Inspire to transform lives!


Your cash donation allows us to provide basic services. food, and supplies to these at-risk youth, as well as provide scholarships and housing for emancipated foster youth wishing to pursue their dreams of a college degree and so much more.





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