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C22-39. Monty Ritchings Quality Living

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Monty Ritchings, on air from September 20th

We all want and need to function the best possible in our lives every day. However, there is a little obstacle that gets in the way of our optimum quality of living. 

It is called… our mind.

We learn the rules of the road we travel prior to our seventh birthday, and for most folks, those rules never change. In fact, most people do not even know those rules can be changed. These rules are called beliefs, the most prominent ones Core Beliefs.

The opportunity I am inviting people to join in on through this podcast is for them to learn how we create beliefs, how they become embedded in our memory… and how to reframe them using visualization and other simple-to-use tools.

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It is all for living a better, healthier and more connected life!

I have written 4 non-fiction books in various aspects of mind management including Embracing The Blend 2007, 2009, Stamp Out Stress 2010, Charkas Demystified 21019, Healthy Children Only Need Three Things 2019, and most recently my first fiction book, soon to be a series called The Ascenders Return To Grace.

I am an Author, Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Mystic. I believe that we can only truly come to know ourselves by getting past ourselves through our relationship with nature and the Universe. I have been a member of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC for more than 40 years. My studies have included understanding how life works on a Universal level and intuitive medicine

My focus as a writer whether it be fiction or non-fiction is about mind management, core beliefs, and working beyond the. The mundane world supports us to be much more than just the limited beings we are presented as.




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