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22-40. Let the Universe in.

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from September 27th

 I have grown up in a world of hate, judgement, fear and lack of soul knowledge. My job was always to be an awakener of souls of other awakeners, from the beginning of my time that has been my role. To show the souls how to connect, to show them their possibilities, to show them the path for which they are meant to walk on, it has been my many life time roles.

But, the world became dark thunderous loud and disconnected. The flight or fight mode became all too prevalent and people lost their belief in a wonderful life and soul connection. One of the things I have not enjoyed is feeling the soul pain of others, feeling their hopelessness, and with time and many life times I too began to feel that way and because of it, lost my way. I became disconnected to my soul, my heart became painful to feel, my spirit broken and my mind filled with confusion, fear hate loss and loneliness. I was lost.

In 1994 wonderful women freed me of 172 past lifetimes, of a pattern that was blocking me from embracing my purpose my spirit. It was a wonderful experience to be reborn, to rediscover me, not my past patterning. I felt my heart grow once again filled with love, my soul had a voice once again and connected me to my divine home, my spirit could fly again and my mind just let go, let go, let go. I was me, the me I was meant to be, the me who was free.

Then it was decided that I needed to be grounded, to connect with this earth and feel its pain, oh so painful, so heavy too loud; it hurt me, it brought me back down, and I fought to be free again. It has been over ten years now, since I took another healing journey of podcasting, and I have learned what I needed to know from being rooted so I could spread my wings high up into the sky, and it is my time to fly again, but I had forgotten how.? No, for I was a Phoenix, always able to get the knowledge and bring it back, for it was and is my soul, my heart and spirits mission and who I am in all my essence of being a human spirit.

We all lose our way, but if we are willing to let go of what does not serve us, and be free and open and allow the universe’s abundant wisdom to come through us, we discover the clarity of our assistance and the gift we are to each other.

Open your soul (higher self) to the universes wisdom, let it connect with your heart in truth, and then ignite your spirit into action and extract from your mind what it is you need to know in the present.

Set your self free by listening to podcasts, and find that someone who can show you your way home to you and your inner souls spirit.

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