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AK22-41. Janis R. Daly & The Unlocked Path 

Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Janis Robinson Daly, on air from October 3rd

    A “New Woman” of the Early 20th Century Battles Sexism & Self-Doubt for a Career in Medicine in this Factional novel by Janis Robinson Daly

The Unlocked Path tells the story of a “New Woman” of the early 20th century: educated, career-minded, independent Eliza Edwards. In 1897 Philadelphia, after witnessing her aunt’s suicide, Eliza rejects her mother’s wishes for a society debut, and at a time when only five percent of doctors are female, she enters the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania. With the support of a circle of women and driven by a determination to conquer curriculum demands, battle sexism, and overcome doubts, Eliza charts her new life’s course. Combining science and sympathy, she triumphs to heal others and herself.

As a young intern, she summons a forthright confidence asserting her abilities to those mistrustful of a woman doctor. Through her work with poverty-stricken patients, she defines her version of suffrage work to champion women’s rights for and beyond the right to vote. When global events devolve into chaos with the 1918 influenza pandemic and a world war, Eliza renews her vow to help and heal.

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“Daly develops Eliza’s family ties and shows her passion for social change through her career choices and her opinions …. A work that effectively showcases the power of love, friendship, and faith – both in one’s calling and in oneself – to create change in the world.” – Kirkus Reviews Janis Robinson Daly’s debut novel,


Janis Robinson Daly grew up outside of Boston, graduating with a B.A. in Psychology from Wheaton College — at the time, an all-women’s college. At Wheaton, Janis developed a fond appreciation of the supportive relationships established between students, faculty, and alumni and a heightened awareness of female-centric issues. Both directed her writing of The Unlocked Path.

With a plot and themes sketched, Janis enrolled in a creative writing course sponsored by Wesleyan University to hone her skills. Combining years of extensive research and feedback from writers’ conferences and a series of beta and sensitivity readers, including the Executive Director of the American Medical Women’s Association for accuracy, she polished the manuscript and readied it for publication with independent press, Black Rose Writing.

Splitting her time between Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Florida and hotels along Route 95, a tablet became her Kindle library and desk, packed into a travel bag for reading and writing wherever she might land. Janis’ husband, along with their rescue pup, has willingly, and luckily, also embraced this nomadic lifestyle. More adventures beckon her to document other women in history whose stories need to be discovered. She is currently working on a sequel to The Unlocked Path, following two main characters into and through the Depression and World War II. From the polio epidemic and research into the vaccine, to the Coconut Grove nightclub fire and more, readers will again be treated to a story centered on events of the past, rich in historical detail.  For more information on Janis, please visit:


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