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C22-45. Beth Bell & The Big Idea

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy, with her guest Beth Bell, on air from November 1st

The Big Idea: Living a life of discord and emotional suffering doesn’t need to be the norm. When we unravel the stories that the mind holds on to so tightly and become aware of our patterns and triggers, it can lead us to an awakening of a very different reality filled with ease and grace.

The So-What: Beth Bell was willing to look past her hopeful marriage, lovingly restored vintage home and jet setting career to listen to the calling of her soul. Ever searching through all of life’s twists and turns, she rode out her roller coaster ride of fantastic highs and dark lows. Romantic relationships served as her teachers and greatest source of pain and disappointment. Money, career, and possessions turned out to be the easy stuff. Once she learned to tap into Source Energy, angel guides, and people with both good and evil intentions — all designed by her higher self to teach essential lessons — she started to understand why we suffer. Now she understands how to glide through life by managing her mind, and so can you. After deep dives into a myriad of healing modalities, she uncovered shortcuts to the bliss of divine oneness through plant-based medicines, more commonly referred to as psychedelics. She realized that heaven on earth is not only attainable but is everyone’s birthright.

The Source: Beth Bell’s soul journey has taken her around the world to live, starting with humble beginnings in North Dakota, to California, New York City, Singapore, India, Bali, and now back in California. She spent 15-plus years in strategic brand management in the pharmaceutical industry, before becoming an entrepreneur and developing inspirational products, including a silver jewelry line for both eCommerce and a retail shop in Bali. She currently produces and co-hosts the Psychedelic Sages podcast and is an advisor to CEOs and psychedelic pharmaceutical companies. 

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Key Messages: Beth Bell is a transformer of relationships to love and life. She shares vulnerable stories and lessons about her own life to help others on their awakening journey. As a pattern disrupter who challenges others to unravel their own stories and break through beliefs to transcend the suffering of the mind, her journey demonstrates: 

·         How to take responsibility for life’s circumstances

·         How to tap into your inner wisdom

·         How to break through limiting beliefs that hold you back

·         How to find the bliss of divine oneness through plant-based medicines (psychedelics)

·         How to survive living a life that bravely bucks the norm

·         How to release emotions no longer serving your higher good

·         How losing your mind can be a blissful experience

·         How to quiet your mind and let Spirit drive

·         How to discover more love and less fear and anxiety — especially as the world appears to be falling apart 

Her new book, Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics, shares her journey of awakening and provides a spiritual toolbox others can learn from.



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