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GV22-47. Navy Rear Admiral, Kyle Cozad’s RELENTLESS POSITIVITY.

Our Global Veterans with Sara Troy and her guest Navy Rear Admiral, Kyle Cozad, on air from November 15th


Throughout his storied military career as a Navy Rear Admiral, Kyle Cozad showed grace, courage, and resilience in his service to the American people. Not only did he lead at various levels within naval aviation and joint multi-service during his career in five critical assignments, but he also served in a variety of diverse leadership positions within the Navy and Department of Defense, including as the 22nd senior director in the White House Situation Room, commander of Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay, and commander of the Naval Education and Training Command.

His upcoming book RELENTLESS POSITIVITY: “A COMMON VETERAN BATTLING UNCOMMON ODDS allows the readers into the life of a remarkable human. Despite living with the challenges of being a paraplegic, the result of a tragic accident, the latter continues to live life as he always has, facing all potential roadblocks head-on and blowing past them with sheer abandon. Through faith and determination, he has imbued all of life’s challenges with the relentless positivity that is highlighted in the title of his new book.

Mr. Cozad powerfully and eloquently provides those who will read his story with a new life perspective on moving forward as our best selves through the power of … RELENTLESS POSITIVITY. 

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The release date for the book, published by Ballast Booksis set for Dec. 6. It is currently available for Amazon preorder.

About The Book

Author Kyle Cozad, retired US Navy Rear Admiral and current President and CEO of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, tells his story following a service-related spinal cord injury while on active duty.

Insightful, honest, and frank, his account describes how he bounced back from a debilitating spinal cord injury with one overarching motivation: to “give back” and make a positive difference for others. His leadership as a senior Navy two-star admiral serving on active duty and his current role as President and CEO of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation exemplify his grit, resilience, and commitment as a societal change agent.


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