MH23-04. Neville Starick, Sail toward a brighter future.

Building Your Business with Sara Troy and her guest Neville Starick, on air from January 24th

Cynosure Counselling & Coaching

Helping stressed out professionals get back on an even keel.🎈Burnout overcomer💡Reflective Practitioner🔹Counselling Therapist🛩Adult Third Culture Kid.

How do you deal with change?
Does it depend on whether it’s a change you’re contemplating, a change imposed by circumstance, or a change you have chosen?

Regardless, you probably know from experience that not all changes are equal and that some are more challenging than others.

As a Third Culture Kid (TCK), I have experienced significant change from an early age as my family transitioned between and within cultures.
This background has heightened my awareness of not only cultural difference but also my curiosity about the commonality of human experience.
It has also shaped how I see myself and the world, my patterns of response within relationships and systems, and the beliefs and values that guide my decisions as an adult – and how I tend to navigate the changes that I initiate and encounter in both personal and professional life.
The journey of self-awareness development has been an evolving process that has included education, counselling, self-reflection and community support.
As I have grown in my understanding of myself and in making sense of my own life experience, my capacity to empathise with and understand others experiencing significant change has similarly grown.

What does all this have to do with YOUR process of dealing with change?

Significant change can be overwhelming to contemplate and to experience.
It can challenge you to deepen your self-awareness and to grow beyond the things you have understood life to be.
As a qualified and experienced educator, counselling therapist and reflective practitioner, I can offer you the space to look at where you are (personally, professionally or both) and the influences of where you’ve come from in order to navigate effectively towards the future that you would prefer.

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Neville Starick is an Adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK) and a qualified and experienced counselling therapist, who has used his cross-cultural experience to develop understandings of identity, belonging, and the process of adapting to significant life change.  For over 14 years, Neville has been providing a safe space for individuals to understand themselves better in order to successfully navigate through important transitions.  His private practice – Cynosure Counselling and Coaching – commenced in 2014.   Neville operates holistically from a non-medical approach to mental health, and offers both counselling and reflective practice both face-to-face and online.  

Prior to working in the counselling space, Neville held various roles within the education, hospitality and corporate sectors both in Australia and abroad, which developed a wide range of skills and experiences that inform his therapy.  Since 2020 he has also been supporting other counselling therapists to build and grow successful private practices through training and group coaching.

Neville enjoys writing poetry, reading good fiction, running, travelling off the beaten track, theatre and musical performance, and deep conversations about meaty topics – but don’t ask him to do DIY projects!
To explore how I might be able to assist you in your experience of change, connect with me and let’s have a conversation. OR use this calendar link to schedule a free, confidential 15-minute call:

Neville is from Buronga, New South Wales, Australia


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