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NA23-04. Jason Umidi, Jesus and Seltzer.

Nature of Addictions with Sara Troy and her guest Jason Umidi, on air from January 24th

Sobriety has a wonderful way of bringing all things into the light, if you’re willing. Detox finally opened the door to sustained sobriety for actor Jason Umidi on January 10, 2012. Gratitude for a life that’s been redeemed and restored permeates his entire being. His sobriety requires him to live in the moment and his faith asks him to lead a life of service, loving as he has been loved. 

After being clean and sober for a couple of years, Jason was looking to share his personal journey on Facebook in the hopes that someone might be encouraged by his story. This developed into a series of popular, short blog posts about addiction, recovery, and hope, known as “Today’s One Minute Reads.” Jesus & Seltzer is Jason’s curated collection of his One Minute Reads.

In Jesus and Seltzer, Jason starts each inspiration page with a quote by a person, actor or character, from which he has gathered strength in his daily journey in sobriety

In this interview, Jason talks about:

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As a pastor’s kid who grew up in the church, Jason had his fair share of Sunday services. However, none of them prepared him for the disappointments in life – whether it was the relationship that didn’t work out, the dream job that never materialized, the loss of health, or the death of a loved one. For most, it’s simply the dreams that never came into fruition. Church and its collection of “do’s & don’ts” for how to live your life didn’t soothe his broken soul. His faith faltered during his personal struggles, as the chronic pain from 5 spine fusion surgeries overwhelmed him and his bipolar depression left him feeling empty and dead. Jason found alcohol, prescription opioids and fentanyl to be a much better comfort. In 2012, Jason began his sober journey. His renewed life in the spirit promises that all things work together for good for those who love God, and are called according to his purpose. Jason is now helping others as a recovery coach. He is the author of the new book,

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