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Deb Morgan on Fibromyalgia

Debra Morgan is an American author, advocate, and influential non-fiction writer whose books are real-life journeys through Addiction, Fibromyalgia, Chronic pain, and Mental health. Her knowledge is from personal experiences, and her goal is to help others with support through her new soon-to-release book titled. “Graceful Agony.” All her books will be available on Amazon Kindle and featured on fine literary book sites, with several more books to follow. For Deb, it was not just about being a survivor; its about learning to thrive again while easing the path for others facing their fibro challenges.

These are the shows that Deb has done with Sara Troy, also a suffer of Fibromyalgia +

3RD SHOW MH23-15. Debra Morgan’s “Graceful Agony.”

2ND SHOW c20-22-deb-morgan-with-simply-amazing-women

1 ST SHOWS c17-40a-surviving-fibromyalgia-with-deb-morgan

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