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LM 23-21. Ernestine Day Soul Music Discovery.

“for the Love of Music” with Sara Troy and her guest Ernestine Day, on air May 23rd.

My journey from 1996, to opening up to myself, my music, my Spirituality, and Connecting with Soul Family since Jan 2020 and Coming off of Anti-depressants & Anti Anxiety Medications 

Ernestine Day is an Alchemist Intuitive Soulful Guitarist. In 1996, as she started her Healing Journey, she opened up to her own Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions she would Channel this energy through her Guitar without using words. In June 2021 she started using a Looper, this tool has helped open her up even more, which reflects in how she expresses her music today. 

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Ernestine Day and her Guitar have been together for 27 plus years. they have shared life’s Joys and sorrows and everything in between! This has created a symbiotic relationship with them both. Almost a “Soulmate” relationship where their Souls Merge. This allows for Ernestine to synchronize the energy from her soul, with her Heart. Engaging fully with the universal flow that is wanting to be express through her. 

Therefore, she opens herself spiritually to her Devine connection, she allows that to come through in each session with the benefit for those who are listening. 

In June 2021 she began playing with a Looper and quickly recognized how this added another dimension to her music. Allowing her to be going even deeper in receiving new deeper levels of energic flow. This continue to involve as they continue this musical journey together, When Ernestine goes Live, she has no idea where the music will take her but allows the universe to flow through her what is needed to be expressed at that time. Ernestine has recorded songs and albums that have been created in this manor for the healing, relaxion and beauty of all to enjoy. Her lives are never the same and are uniquely in there composed how she expresses them. When Ernestine is inspired to do a Live, it is a unique Channeled composition needed to be expressed into the world or whoever is listening or hears it. 


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