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AK23-36. Natalie McQueen & Legacy Writing.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Natalie McQueen, on air from September 5th

Natalie McQueen became a legacy designer after a near death experience that made her completely re-evaluate the legacy she was leaving in this world. Her mission now is to help people craft and preserve the legacy they want to live and preserve for future generations to enjoy.

The problem today is that two thirds of people will go to the grave with their wisdom and life experiences undocumented and unsaved. Natalie will share 3 effective ways to analyze if you are living your best legacy life, what actions to take to start creating your desired legacy, and easy ways to start preserving your legacy and why it is important to do so.

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Natalie McQueen is an International Publisher and legacy Expert who has successfully brought over 500 authors to #1 Bestseller. She is a seven-time Bestselling Author, including Gifts Of Legacy: The Ultimate Blueprint for Generations to Enjoy. 

Natalie’smission is to guide people to share the wisdom of their life stories and heartfelt messages in Legacy and business books, letters, videos, anthologies, and memoirs. 

Through Natalie’s Legacy System, it is easier than ever to get your Legacy pieces together, including essential legal documents to protect family, words of wisdom, traditions, and stories stored safely and made into beautiful keepsakes that will last more than a lifetime. 

Her motto is “Don’t leave a mess. Leave a Legacy!

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