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AK23-36. Susy Smith and “Ascendant” novel.

An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Susy Smith, on air from September 5th.

What would you do if society crumbled? How would you survive if you had to fend for yourself? Would you be able to live off the land? Susy Smith explores these questions and much more in her gripping “Asylum” book series. Finding inspiration from The Walking Dead, Susy can talk about how she created this dystopian world, as well as universal themes of human nature, including the fight for survival and freedom.

Packed with adventure and suspense, blending elements of science fiction, fantasy, and dystopia, Ascendant transports readers to a disintegrated world where civilization has collapsed and chaos is the new normal. In an interview, Susy talks about:

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Susy Smith is a celebrated dystopian storyteller, author, and curriculum specialist for the Kanza Tribe in Oklahoma. Armed with a deep understanding of language, the resilience of the human spirit, and a bachelor’s degree in English, she weaves captivating, award-winning stories that leave readers wanting more. 

Smith’s literary journey commenced with Asylum, a gripping novel that clinched the 2020 Writer Con contest in the novel category. She continues to engage audiences with Ascendant, the second installment in the “Asylum” series, further probing the intricacies of survival, freedom, and the dark side of human nature. In addition to her novels, Smith occasionally writes poetry. Her authentic writing style echoes her experience of living in a small Oklahoma town with her husband, four grown children, and two furry dog-children.
Facebook: SusySmithWriter4Life
Twitter: @susy8469

Instagram: susysmith205

TikTok: @susysmith761


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