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IG23-37. Karyne Daniels and Sacred Dance.

Ignite Your Heart and Soul with Sara Troy with her guest Karyne Daniels, on air Septmeber 12th

Sacred Dance Is Every Woman’s Dance – WHY the creative & influential woman should have a daily movement regime.  As creatives, leaders, and women with a mission, moving our idea’s & initiatives through our body is a must.  We can not be only in our head regarding what we do, we must drop into our body, lit up by the heart light, fused with prayer and meditation for optimum service and discernment.  SACRED DANCE PATH is a full body movement system that provides the Femme Divine just that!

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Karyne Daniels is a women’s movement guide, with over 40 years professional experience, and the creator of Sacred Dance Path, which provides sacred dance classes for women around the world via online or in person instruction. Karyne’s unique Sacred Dance Path System of movement is rooted in Polynesian and urban stylings, which promotes full-body wellness: Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. In addition to Karyne’s movement regime, she weaves in the values and principles of ALOHA, which works in tandem with the dance to awaken women into experiencing embodiment, heart light activation, and overall vitality, which then supports all the other areas of a woman’s life. 

Free Offering:
Upcoming Sacred Dance Saturday:  Sept. 23 8am HST / 11am PST / 2pm EST
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