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C23-38. Sally Estlin with High Vibe clothing

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Sally Estlin, on air September, 19th

It’s time to empower women to step up and shine their inner light more brightly. Embrace their strength and wisdom and empower themselves by dressing in High Vibe clothing.  I follow the energy and it has led me to design a range of active wear for women who are committed to their wellbeing.  It’s time to bridge the gap between dressing in a practical way to enable us to do it with more meaning and purpose.  It’s way more powerful and it lifts your vibe.  It’s time for us to amplify our energy to creative positive change in our lives and by empowering ourselves inside and out!! After all where your attention goes, your energy flows!!  So voila … Empowered Clothing was born where I help people Dress with Intent! 

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Sally Estlin is a Holistically Fit Specialist who is passionate about helping people create positive change in their lives to let go of drama and live a happier life. 

She is founder of Holistically Fit & most recently launched a new clothing line called Empowered Clothing. 

As a Holistically Fit Specialist and empowered empath, her skills include training as a Bling  Angel, personal trainer , Wellness coach & change agent, quantum healer & activator, hands on healer, networker, YouTuber, international best selling author of several books, podcaster and most recently fashion label creator. 

“Her mission is to help people break through their barriers to maximise their lives”  

Instagram’s: @holisticallyfitlife @empoweredclothingaustralia 

Facebook Pages: 

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