C23-38. Shelly Edwards Jorgensen, Beautiful Ashes of Murder and Parents.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Shelly Edwards Jorgensen, on air from September 19th

I am Shelly Edwards Jorgensen, author of Beautiful Ashes: A True Story of Murder, Betrayal, and One Woman’s Search for Peace

Story Synopsis

A story of tragic loss and healing faith, Beautiful Ashes is the compelling account of Shelly Edwards Jorgensen’s quest to uncover family secrets and to survive the truth. After her mother’s tragic death in a house fire, fifteen-year-old Shelly is driven to seek answers. A silent witness to her father’s abuse, she fears sharing her deep-rooted suspicions in her alcoholic father’s role with authorities might risk her own life. As lies unravel, Shelly finds inexplicable comfort in hope-filled messages from her deceased mother, and unexpected answers to prayer. Though she attempts to flee her father’s home, she is forced to return as prosecution’s key witness against her father.  In sharing what she knows with the jury, she loses both parents.

Desperate to be loved and have a family, she finds she can’t just walk away from her past alone. Time after time, God places inspired people in her life, who help her dismantle old lies and face lingering wounds with the Savior’s help. Forty and single, but finally recovering from her past, Shelly finds love. Handsome Glenn Jorgensen is everything she wanted, and her wedding can’t come soon enough. But when serious medical complications arise on her honeymoon, her faith in God’s goodness falters. Once more there are secrets Shelly is terrified to expose. Will she find faith to rise from the ashes once more?

Shelly shares her experiences and the peace she’s found in life.  You’ll be transformed by Shelly’s riveting memoir about how love, forgiveness, courage, determination – and the guidance of angels – can overcome even the greatest anguish.

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Story Origin

I never set out to write a book. Surviving life was my goal. I offer Beautiful Ashes to those who have been victims of abuse, domestic violence, rape, tragic loss, or any flavor of life’s overwhelming adversities, those who have lost hold of hope. My goal is to help others find hope in their own life’s journey by being a guiding light to show that there is a way through tragedy.

Writing Beautiful Ashes was a 9-year labor of love with the support of family, friends, and a therapist in order to articulate these tragic events that I surmounted along with the accompanying thoughts and feelings.  Eliciting these feelings was central in conveying the depth of my experiences.

So far, Beautiful Ashes has received a 5-star IndieReader review, a second-place finish in last fall’s Bookfest Awards and reached #1 best seller status on Amazon in several different categories.  I have also engaged in over 20 different podcasts, radio interviews, speaking events and even have done several personal appearances at book clubs both in person and via zoom. I am active on social media in many different trauma and inspirational groups trying to share my life lessons from overcoming such adversity. I know that I am helping many people from around the globe find hope because they are personally reaching out to me via email, social media, and private messages.  I now have friends in Australia, Africa, Europe, Canada, and most states with whom I interact regularly because of my book.

Shelly’s Bio

Shelly attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah where she was the first female to graduate with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering.  After graduation, she moved back to her home state of Michigan and landed her dream job as a manufacturing engineer to start off her 20+ year career for Ford Motor Company. A few years into her engineering career, she decided to go back to school to get her MBA.

Shelly has spent over 30 years serving within her church congregation and community. She has always enjoyed serving others. 

Shelly enjoys wood working and has amassed a workshop of her dreams.  She also enjoys being outside in the fresh air, trail riding in her ATV and enjoying the Great Lakes boating & jet skiing.

Shelly is happily married to her husband Glenn.  She is a step-mother, grandmother, and adored aunt!






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