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23-45. Are we too old to find Love?

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from November 7th

As the years gracefully add chapters to our stories, I often find myself contemplating the tapestry of human connection that weaves through the lives of my single women friends of mature years. The question seems to float in the air around us, as delicate and as profound as the twilight of our youth: Can love be found once again at this stage in our lives?

Have we had our day? I muse, watching the laughter light up their eyes, the same eyes that have seen decades of joys and heartbreaks. The notion that love is the exclusive domain of the young is as outdated as the idea that wisdom comes only with age. Love, I argue, is ageless, boundless, and ever-present, waiting just beyond the reach of time’s grasp.

Are we too old? I ask, knowing that age has only refined us, like wine gaining complexity and depth with the passage of time. Our experiences have sculpted us into beings of resilience and beauty, with so much more to give and share. The richness of our lives cannot be dimmed by the number of candles on our birthday cake.

Is there anyone out there with integrity and honour? The question echoes in the quiet moments. It is a hope that remains undiminished by the years, a belief in the existence of kindred spirits who value the golden currency of trust and the quiet strength of character. Surely, there are hearts that beat to the rhythm of respect and love, with hands that hold as much tenderness as they do strength.

To love and to be loved in return, it’s a desire that transcends the very essence of time, one that doesn’t fade as we step into the silver season of our lives. It’s there, in the shared glances across a room, in the understanding smiles, and in the patient listening of a friend. Love, in its many forms, remains within reach, ready to unfold in the most unexpected places.

This is a timeless reminder of our own capacity for growth and the ever-present possibility of connection. It’s an affirmation, a gentle but firm declaration to ourselves and to each other: don’t give up, don’t succumb to feelings of unworthiness. Love is an omnipresent force, and while it might seem elusive, it exists in abundance, often waiting for us to recognize it within ourselves before it manifests in our relationships.

To know self-love is to unlock the door to receiving affection from others. It is about embracing our entirety—our strengths and our vulnerabilities—and acknowledging that we are deserving of love, just as we are. In understanding and loving ourselves, we set the standard for how we should be loved by others. It is in this space of self-recognition and self-appreciation that we allow others to see us, to know us, and to love us.

And in this knowledge, we vibrate with a frequency that resonates with authenticity. We attract not just love, but the right kind of love—the kind that honors us, nourishes us, and reflects the very essence of who we are.

Letting love come to us in whatever form it’s meant to can be both a test of patience and an exercise in trust. It means trusting the journey, trusting the unseen rhythms of life that guide us toward experiences and people who are aligned with our highest good. Sometimes love arrives not with a grand entrance but in subtle, unexpected forms—through friendships, shared smiles, common kindnesses, and quiet companionships.

It’s important to stay open, to allow life to surprise us, and to recognize that love doesn’t always come in the package we expect. It could be the comfort of a long-time friend, the understanding from a new acquaintance, or even a rekindled romance that arrives at our doorstep in the quiet autumn of our lives.

So, to my dear friends and to myself, I say: remain open-hearted, cherish the love that you already possess, and trust that new love can find you at any time. For in this vast universe, the one thing that remains eternal, that transcends the boundaries of age and time, is the ability to love and be loved in return.

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