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RG23-45. Kristina Coderre, parents shed their Mind BS.

Raising Our Gifted Children with Sara Troy and her guest Kristina Coderre, on air from November 7th

I started this journey with a passion for teaching other parents, teachers, and caregivers the behaviour approach that saved my son. But over the years, things started to shift inside of me and I started to realize that I was not ok; and I realized that the parents that I was serving were not ok either. We were all expected to hold it all together, guide our families through tough situations, and bottle up our own feelings in order to make it through. We searched for and implemented solutions like a freaking hero but inside we were feeling like a total failure. Now I help dedicated parents take care of themselves by providing solutions we can do WHILE we are parenting and maintaining all of our other responsibilities. We became parents to increase the joy in our lives but so often the overwhelm of parenting leaves no room for joy. I help parents bring joy and fulfillment back into their lives so we can enjoy life NOW and model for our kids what living a happy life looks like.

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Kristina Coderre is a proud mom of 2 boys (and step-mom to 2 more!) who is passionate about helping parents shed their Mind BS so they can build a lifestyle that includes joy and fulfillment WHILE tending to the chaotic grind of raising a family. As a Nurtured Heart Approach Advanced Trainer, Kristina has worked with hundreds of parents, teachers, and group home staff who are supporting the most challenging children, and she witnessed first-hand the toll this takes on the caregiver. Drawing on her own transformational self-care journey in raising her special needs child, she is dedicated to creating a clear pathway for caregivers to be able to fill their own cups so they can continue their amazing work without burning out, and model for their kids what living your best life looks like. 

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