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Fund-Action Program

The Fund-Action is supporting the Orchard of Wisdom and Self Discovery Community by funding the services provided with the tools knowledge and services from the Orchard of Wisdom Service Directory.

Being in action to fund possibilities and opportunities is my heart’s desire. Funding Action in the support of human beings in living in their wholeness is my philosophy and where I believe we can make a bigger difference in the world.

Everyone faces a crossroads in life, but not everyone has the money to follow the needed path into wholeness. Here at Self Discovery Orchard Community with the Fund-Action program, we wish to provide that support so that everyone has the right in embracing their divine meaningful purpose in life and in the joy of living.

Our desire is that in 2023 we will be able to support this program where we pay for the services from people we have interviewed and who offer authentic tools, services, coaching, healing, and programs to help a soul get back on their own feet and live their whole presence.

In helping others we are helping society grow into a whole global community filled with harmony and caring people that everyone benefits from.

For more information and to be a part of this drop me a line. 

Meet Sara Troy, Director of Self Discovery Community and owner of Self Discovery Media and Orchard of Wisdom Podcasts 

 Fund-Action Project

Sara Troy was born with a very special gift. From a very young age, Sara could see the possibilities in others. Throughout her life, she has served both professionally and as a humanitarian in assisting others to live more purposeful, meaningful, and productive lives.

Back in 2012, Sara was offered an opportunity to host her own online blog talk radio show which she called “Positive Living Vibrations”. From the very first show, she knew that she had found her calling, a passion for encouraging others to join her on the show to share their inspiring, illuminating and insightful stories of life.

In 2013 her friend Bill Macquis built PLV Radio (rebranded to Self Discovery Media) to provide Sara with her own online radio station to serve as a platform upon which to expand her work and to provide others with the opportunity to host their own shows, and to serve as a platform for people to share their inspirational stories and wisdom that life has taught them. By 2022 the station had gone through many transitions and finally found what its true calling was to be.

In addition to being the owner and operator of the station, she hosts 6-7 weekly shows herself. Every week she hosts shows where she invites people to join her to share their life inspirational stories and wisdom with her listeners. Sara also hosts her own personal show each week called “Sara’s View of Life” show where she shares her own perspectives on the ever-changing world around us. Then theirs is Their Story Matters which showcases humanitarian groups and organizations and people’s stories of what they are doing or have done in overcoming poverty, physical and mental abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, serious health issues, global concerns, and various other challenges that we may find ourselves having to deal with in one day in our own lives. The “Positive Vibrations Roundtables” is a show Sara created to bring groups of people together to share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences on a specific topic.

Catch all her shows line up by clicking on this banner.

As the Director of The ‘ Fund-Action” project for SELF Discovery “Community for Change,” she manages and coordinates all the programs and projects are operated by the Orchard of Wisdom’s Community for Change.

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